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  • Rudy Herman
    Rudy Herman 27 秒 前

    I think there is more monster in Godzilla vs king Kong because in Godzilla king of the monster at the end all monster bow to him

    DINORAGER1 7 分 前

    Here are some endings that could be in the movie Godzilla Wins and Kong Loses Godzilla Loses and Kong Wins Godzilla Wins and Kong Dies Godzilla Dies and Kong Wins They both die They both Make Truce and neither of them will win or lose Leave a comment if you have any other endings you can think of

    DINORAGER1 8 分 前


  • knives
    knives 10 分 前

    wait is this real

  • Styz_Max917
    Styz_Max917 11 分 前

    How tall is gonna be kong

  • ReeDunkiluse 11
    ReeDunkiluse 11 15 分 前


  • Simranrita
    Simranrita 29 分 前

    it looked like troy was at a funeral could that be Gabriella's?

  • Jacob Stech
    Jacob Stech 30 分 前

    Can't wait for the new daredevil oh wait that's batman?

  • crtecben
    crtecben 時間 前

    looks gayish. peterpan. please dont get mad at me.

  • The gangsta
    The gangsta 時間 前

    Like: Anakin Comment: Ray🤢 Both: Luke

  • _NkRR6tY_iEws1
    _NkRR6tY_iEws1 時間 前

    Pattinson is shit..poor batman

  • cedricSSW
    cedricSSW 時間 前

    Why is Vader’s music playing

  • Chrism17
    Chrism17 2 時間 前

    Godzilla vs king kong. Pffft

  • Skit Less
    Skit Less 2 時間 前

    Oouuu new Daredevil movie

  • Oxy Clean
    Oxy Clean 2 時間 前

    Batman has a code, hes good whyd they make him seem so... evil

  • Ruth Gramajo
    Ruth Gramajo 2 時間 前

    Unfortunately it feels like a future flop, but lets see, hopefully I'm wrong.

  • Courtney MacDonald
    Courtney MacDonald 2 時間 前

    Everyone hating on him for this when all they know is Twilight lol foh, dudes dedicated, been training since day 1

  • Brett Abaurrea
    Brett Abaurrea 2 時間 前

    Okay but why am I crying ?

  • Jade Green
    Jade Green 3 時間 前

    Well done

  • Superjean
    Superjean 3 時間 前

    0:49 clearly the voice of Pennywise 🧐🧐

  • Anas
    Anas 3 時間 前

    Yay star wars

  • gutenbird
    gutenbird 3 時間 前

    Now this actually looks ok.

  • Fachasaurus
    Fachasaurus 4 時間 前

    I know everyone is saying it sounds like the Imperial March but I feel like it was influenced heavily from a video game called “Batman Forever” on Sega Genesis. Listen to some of that games music and this back to back! Really uncanny!

  • 0ofR Don’tPlay
    0ofR Don’tPlay 4 時間 前

    Imagine if they used Earth Godzilla vs Kong but by then Earth Godzilla will be like 1000ft tall instead of 900ft and Kong will only be like 300ft either way but I think Godzilla is gonna wreck Kong

  • 钟昊朗
    钟昊朗 5 時間 前


  • Melina Negrete
    Melina Negrete 5 時間 前

    I want to see a high school musical 4 with the real cast troy and gabriela together like the should be make it happen we are waithing for it❤

  • Aline Avelino
    Aline Avelino 5 時間 前


  • Mauricio Mendoza casablanca

    What song is it?

  • Kelsey Pylant
    Kelsey Pylant 5 時間 前

    My head: I know this isn’t real. My heart: I want so badly to believe that it’s real.

  • Aurochsss
    Aurochsss 5 時間 前

    Is the bat symbol made from the gun that killed his parents?

  • Bruno Costa
    Bruno Costa 5 時間 前

    So they pulled some inspiration from Daredevil

  • Derrick Luat
    Derrick Luat 5 時間 前

    Joker movie, titans episode, batman begins,

  • Christopher Driver
    Christopher Driver 6 時間 前

    “Top 10 Easter Eggs In The New Batman Trailer”

  • EGG The legend
    EGG The legend 6 時間 前

    What is the name of the song in the beginning I know like the original version of the song but what is this version of it

  • Yuki Mosincha
    Yuki Mosincha 6 時間 前


  • Nathan Stice
    Nathan Stice 6 時間 前

    Seems legit enough to be a film. Love the idea of going straight to Nightwing instead of Robin as that would fit the dc timeline better.

  • Michael Cain
    Michael Cain 6 時間 前

    Please, stop making Batman movies.

    • andrew
      andrew 22 分 前

      Michael Cain why

  • Sarah-V Harnden
    Sarah-V Harnden 6 時間 前

    Ok but what if Ryan ended up marrying Kelsi after they went to Julliard together.... how perfect would that be

  • Mooshy Tube
    Mooshy Tube 7 時間 前

    I want the dark frightening element to return like what it was in the first. Jurassic park one was a slow build but so worth it. Here are my hopes 1) a trex terror chase in the rain, in a neighborhood, and sliiightly bloody (sadly this movie series was never rated R). I hope this scene would be the trex appearing out of the darkness and corner whoever it’s chasing where they have to be dead silent. 2) sorry, but the child in me wants the evil Ingen people to put a raptor squad vs a lion pack and let that shit ROLL!!!! Like they’re released into the savanna or something and maybe they steal the lion prides kill or sneak attack them. 3) dr grant and dr Malcom reunite to run from Dino’s.

  • Joaquín Cordero
    Joaquín Cordero 7 時間 前

    The music feels like Depeche Mode

  • Olivier C
    Olivier C 7 時間 前

    🦇+Robert Pattinson =🤮

  • sarahnailah1405
    sarahnailah1405 7 時間 前


  • Lit dragon And the Memes

    I can’t believe Batman’s true identity is a sparkling vampire


    Motherfucker looks like Charlie Cox

  • Jesse Moz
    Jesse Moz 8 時間 前

    That's batman right there. Took some time but we got him

  • Cosminiulian2016 Dranga

    I'm dying out of curiosity what voice the new batman will have, will it be the same as ben affleck's ?????? what do you think ??? 🙂🙂

  • sickofitall89
    sickofitall89 8 時間 前

    I just want a Beta Ray Bill movie , is it that much to ask for ?

    DAUGHTERS 4 LIFE 8 時間 前

    But does he sparkle? 🤷‍♀️

  • TheBombayMasterTony
    TheBombayMasterTony 9 時間 前

    Looks good. Music is great.

  • dimi g
    dimi g 9 時間 前

    I think they know what there doin with Rob I hate twilight but Ben Affleck was ok too

  • Anthony Vito
    Anthony Vito 9 時間 前

    King Kong:mothra.... Godzilla:HOW DO YOU KNOW HER NAME?!

  • Saimon Dexter
    Saimon Dexter 9 時間 前

  • Jordan TRusso
    Jordan TRusso 10 時間 前

    It’s far to early to make judgment call on this film, however, I will say that this suit looks really cool, my favourite so far, looks like the suit from the game Arkham knight.

  • Irene Hernandez
    Irene Hernandez 10 時間 前

    WHY NOT "JUDE LAW"????😒

  • Paul Collins
    Paul Collins 10 時間 前

    If that doesn't get you fucking hyped

  • Swifter 115
    Swifter 115 10 時間 前

    HYPE!!!!!!! 👍🏻😊😜😇😆😆😆😆

  • James Przybylski
    James Przybylski 10 時間 前

    Dear DC, Today I googled, “How many Batman movies are there?” Let’s say that even google has lost count.

  • Isaac Harbin
    Isaac Harbin 10 時間 前

    Got a lot of steel to shape

  • Andréo Mendoza
    Andréo Mendoza 11 時間 前

    Cuando Bruno Díaz es rubio y sin bronceado que mierrda de película Christian Bale será siempre el mejor Batman después de jorsh Clowneen

  • Артур Неважно

    worst Bat ever

  • Noah Shackelford
    Noah Shackelford 11 時間 前

    Why the background music sound like ancient SpongeBob gonna find out how to use a stick?

  • Aymane Mabrouki
    Aymane Mabrouki 11 時間 前


  • WeOut App
    WeOut App 11 時間 前

    Kane Vibes 🔥

  • Cory M.M.
    Cory M.M. 12 時間 前

    I swear if we have to sit through another origin story

  • Chad p
    Chad p 12 時間 前

    Is this real ???

  • Francois Malenfant Clavel

    I hope that they put Jaquine Pheonix's Joker in the movie. It'll ad a bit more 'Spice'.

  • Official Sophia
    Official Sophia 12 時間 前

    This better come out this year😂

  • Gregory Moutzouris-Lygeros

    why i feel like we are going to get the best batman movie ever

  • Troll Em
    Troll Em 12 時間 前

    Batman been done to death., DC should make a Batman Beyond Movie or Series. Red Bat Logo looks so cool. Could do so much more/different with a New Batman Series.

  • J'Quan Collins
    J'Quan Collins 12 時間 前

    They tryna kill off king kong

  • Joao Pedro Haranaka
    Joao Pedro Haranaka 12 時間 前

    até que foi legal

  • Joao Pedro Haranaka
    Joao Pedro Haranaka 12 時間 前

    Nada ve

  • Lel
    Lel 13 時間 前

    Wait is that real ?

  • JackassJunior627
    JackassJunior627 13 時間 前

    The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world..... King of the Monsters vs King of Skull Island.

  • Jason Keely
    Jason Keely 13 時間 前

    Godzilla vs King Kong

    ROHIT ROY 13 時間 前

    Music good

  • anika budd
    anika budd 14 時間 前

    They might fight mecha ghidorah

  • Lorenzo Smit
    Lorenzo Smit 14 時間 前

    While Kong is my favorite, there is now way he could beat Godzilla. But I think it will end up in a draw and they will team up against Mecha-King Ghidorah.

  • Haahlolehe Bambo
    Haahlolehe Bambo 14 時間 前

    Ohh my God yes please bring back my childhood memories😍🙏

  • Eric Pham
    Eric Pham 14 時間 前

    This isn't the real trailer. They played the batman scene from the show Titans in there lol

  • Martin Jackson
    Martin Jackson 14 時間 前

    Nothing about this skinny kid says Batman. Batman should look like BatMAN! His flat nose messes up the cowl and Batman doesn't need all that stupid body armor.

  • Paula M
    Paula M 15 時間 前

    Why cant this be real?!

  • sonny lee
    sonny lee 15 時間 前

    Can they cuss in the trailers??

  • Prince Easzrael
    Prince Easzrael 15 時間 前

    Did he smile

  • Jaap voetbal
    Jaap voetbal 15 時間 前

    For a nice basketball 🎥 see

  • xXSøfiaXx
    xXSøfiaXx 15 時間 前

    Team Millie😂😂

  • Zare PH
    Zare PH 15 時間 前

    Plot twist: Dormammu and Galactus is Thanos's parents

  • Orifeal
    Orifeal 15 時間 前

    Why does Robert Pattinson looks a bit like Joaquin Phoenix? Just me?

  • itunu kayode
    itunu kayode 15 時間 前

    Y'all should at least see the movie before passing judgements

  • Evan Anderson
    Evan Anderson 15 時間 前

    Godzilla and Kong vs. Mecha King Ghidorah. This is gonna be epic...

  • Jree C.books
    Jree C.books 15 時間 前

    Batman doesn't look like Daredevil Daredevil looks like Batman

  • dongwook Ko
    dongwook Ko 15 時間 前

    this is what i wanted!!!!

  • Alexius Gomes
    Alexius Gomes 15 時間 前

    Okay so it’s a Teaser trailer concept... so it’s Not the real trailer...

  • Coyotes Play Video games

    I personally don’t think he will be better than Christian Bale. I think Pattinson has an acting ‘limit’ below that of Bale

  • Alexius Gomes
    Alexius Gomes 15 時間 前

    Oh okay so it’s a teaser trailer concept.... NOT the Real Trailer

  • Skeev Jobs
    Skeev Jobs 16 時間 前

    These versus movies NEVER deliver because "everybody gets to win" to appease each side's fans.

  • Shotaro Nagata
    Shotaro Nagata 16 時間 前

    I hope from Japan that Godzilla will beat up Kong !!!

  • Elina Elina
    Elina Elina 16 時間 前

    Это фейк

  • Dean Robbins
    Dean Robbins 16 時間 前

    Bummer looks like garbage so far.🍺🥃 oh well.

  • The King of Geming
    The King of Geming 16 時間 前

    This is a game or movie because in some moments it’s looks like a game bat in some moments it’s looks like a movie