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What's On My Phone: 2020!
再生回数 1.9M4 日 前
The Rollable Smartphone?
再生回数 2.1M15 日 前
The 2020 Mac Pro: A Silent Killer!
再生回数 1.9Mヶ月 前
MKBHD Studio 2020 Build: Part 1!
再生回数 1.8Mヶ月 前
Are we at Peak Smartphone?
再生回数 2.4M2 ヶ月 前
YouTube Diamond Play Button Review!
再生回数 2.7M2 ヶ月 前
The MKBHD Setup Tour 2020!
再生回数 2.2M2 ヶ月 前
2020 Tech I'm Ready For!
再生回数 2.7M3 ヶ月 前
The Most Expensive iPhone in the World!
再生回数 2.8M3 ヶ月 前
Smartphone Awards 2019!
再生回数 4.9M3 ヶ月 前
Would a Walkman work in space?
再生回数 213K4 ヶ月 前
再生回数 2.1M3 ヶ月 前
The Blind Smartphone Camera Test 2019!
再生回数 2.3M3 ヶ月 前
Console Wars!
再生回数 369K4 ヶ月 前
A look inside the original Macintosh
再生回数 351K4 ヶ月 前
Testing Real 5G: Part 2!
再生回数 2.6M3 ヶ月 前
再生回数 4 ヶ月 前
再生回数 4 ヶ月 前
再生回数 5 ヶ月 前
再生回数 4 ヶ月 前
再生回数 4 ヶ月 前
Analog vs. Digital Cameras
再生回数 283K4 ヶ月 前
再生回数 7M4 ヶ月 前
再生回数 2.5M4 ヶ月 前
Why I Ordered a Tesla CyberTruck!
再生回数 7M4 ヶ月 前
The 108-Megapixel Smartphone Camera?!
再生回数 2.9M4 ヶ月 前
16" Macbook Pro First Impressions!
再生回数 3.1M4 ヶ月 前
iPhone 11 Pro vs Original iPhone!
再生回数 3.2M4 ヶ月 前
Beats Solo Pro: Return to Excellence!
再生回数 1.8M5 ヶ月 前
LG G8X Proves Foldables are Coming!
再生回数 2.2M5 ヶ月 前
AirPods Pro Unboxing & Impressions!
再生回数 9M5 ヶ月 前
Pixel 4 Impressions: Google and Gaps!
再生回数 4.2M5 ヶ月 前
iPhone 11 Review: Too Easy!
再生回数 4.9M6 ヶ月 前
Unboxing Every Green iPhone 11!
再生回数 4.3M6 ヶ月 前
Dope Tech #20: Dual Screen Tech!
再生回数 2.7M6 ヶ月 前
Let's Talk About Porsche Taycan!
再生回数 2.6M6 ヶ月 前
Samsung Galaxy Note 10: But Why Tho?
再生回数 3.7M7 ヶ月 前
5G: Explained!
再生回数 7M7 ヶ月 前
Apple Card Unboxing & Impressions!
再生回数 6M7 ヶ月 前
The Last (and First) Folding Phone!
再生回数 6M8 ヶ月 前
The iPhone 11 Models!
再生回数 3.7M8 ヶ月 前
What's in my Tech Bag! [2019]
再生回数 3.3M8 ヶ月 前
Bose Headphones 700: The King is Back!
再生回数 2.5M9 ヶ月 前
The iPad Only Challenge!
再生回数 3.9M9 ヶ月 前
OnePlus 7: Way Under the Radar!
再生回数 2.3M9 ヶ月 前
The Dream Smartphone! (2019)
再生回数 2.6M9 ヶ月 前
The Closest Thing to AirPower!
再生回数 1.7M9 ヶ月 前
iPad OS Impressions: They Listened!
再生回数 4.5M9 ヶ月 前
Top 5 iOS 13 Features!
再生回数 5M10 ヶ月 前
Asus ZenFone 6: Swivel Camera Magic!
再生回数 2.7M10 ヶ月 前
Google Pixel 3a Review: A for Ace!
再生回数 3M10 ヶ月 前


  • Lalit Shah
    Lalit Shah 9 時間 前

    Can you please do a IPad awards

  • coachJ39
    coachJ39 9 時間 前

    so basically the next iphone is just going to be better at spying on me and everything in my house

  • Jm3
    Jm3 9 時間 前

    Gotta love how you're breaking the law traveling to your studio. Your jobs not essential

  • ShadowYT
    ShadowYT 9 時間 前

    This was in my recommend in 2020 March 31st wow

  • Aarav Mody
    Aarav Mody 9 時間 前

    Please make a video on how do u share all your data easily when u switch phones

  • Nimesh Mohotti
    Nimesh Mohotti 9 時間 前

    U flexed that u have a tesla

  • Mahmood Nabil
    Mahmood Nabil 9 時間 前

    Have you tried Bixby routine?

  • Student Elias Fleming
    Student Elias Fleming 9 時間 前

    Those are nice but chargeable shoes really

  • GLR
    GLR 9 時間 前

    why do these youtubers feel the need to own a room for every activity, ex b-roll... so american... so weak

  • REV1VED_
    REV1VED_ 9 時間 前

    Mark ass brownie

  • Akshay
    Akshay 9 時間 前

    who is watching with there beats solo pros

  • blackvader
    blackvader 9 時間 前

    What a non-sense device.

  • Aditya Developer
    Aditya Developer 9 時間 前

    Sad i cant watch mkbhd video in uhd

  • Vanthmora
    Vanthmora 10 時間 前

    I will be back in 2025

  • Rama Gayatri Chukkala
    Rama Gayatri Chukkala 10 時間 前

    That's progress

  • Rama Gayatri Chukkala
    Rama Gayatri Chukkala 10 時間 前

    From a normal camera to 8k camera

  • John Smith
    John Smith 10 時間 前

    The original is still better than any Samsung phone.

  • ThatWasSteve
    ThatWasSteve 10 時間 前

    When Steve Jobs forgets what to say 1:45 - 1:56

  • ThatWasSteve
    ThatWasSteve 10 時間 前

    When you realize you are in camera 0:40 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😅

  • lololo lolol
    lololo lolol 10 時間 前

    Apple make no sense they are litterally destroying there buisness by marketing the ipad as a laptop. Macbooks arent going to sell mearly aswell by merging the two together

  • Idc
    Idc 10 時間 前

    He acts the exact sammee

  • Arnold Ugocean
    Arnold Ugocean 10 時間 前

    I hate it when people wear their watches on their right wrist...Even if they're left-handed.

  • GK Valley
    GK Valley 10 時間 前


  • Silver The Rabbit Roleplays

    You have improved your hair alot in recent years (not to be rude)

  • Tech is the Future
    Tech is the Future 10 時間 前


  • Colby Brasher
    Colby Brasher 10 時間 前

    Is it weird that my 100$ Moto G7 had a higher single core score on Geekbench than this ipad? I got 1203.

  • Shibby120
    Shibby120 10 時間 前

    So how come a 3 finger swipe on MacBook won't toggle between apps : (

  • Shibby120
    Shibby120 10 時間 前

    Still not sure why I would need an iPad Pro.

  • Shibby120
    Shibby120 10 時間 前

    AR on the iPad is great for designing rooms and things like that.

  • Swapnil Kale
    Swapnil Kale 10 時間 前

    He spends literally more than half the video talking about the customization he does

  • Bledar Lici
    Bledar Lici 10 時間 前

    That phone can zoom into mars

  • Jordan Abendroth
    Jordan Abendroth 10 時間 前

    TV-japan algorithm 2014: not gonna recommend this 2015 nope 2016: nada 2017: not yet 2018: nein 2019: still too early 2020: LET'S RECOMMEND THIS 6 YEAR OLD VIDEO FROM A COMPANY THAT DOESN'T EVEN EXIST ANYMORE

  • nathan thebe
    nathan thebe 10 時間 前

    This phone did not age well

  • Dino Dino
    Dino Dino 10 時間 前

    I'm waiting for htc one(covid-19)..

  • Shibby120
    Shibby120 10 時間 前

    5mil my GOD

  • sonu sonu
    sonu sonu 10 時間 前

    Lucky subscriber brooi , gift me some phone

  • Nishant Tilwani
    Nishant Tilwani 10 時間 前

    Man why are you so hell bent on making it closer to stock android? A lot of us like the Samsung phones BECAUSE they are different than the Google and one plus and apple phones. Just don't use it if you want to 'make it closer to stock' jeez

  • Masoud Rahmani
    Masoud Rahmani 10 時間 前

    Why you didnt campare android with ios in 2020?

  • sonu sonu
    sonu sonu 11 時間 前

    Gift me brooi.. one of my dream

  • Shakespear Myth
    Shakespear Myth 11 時間 前

    Why I got this on my recommendation

  • Cryptize Zolt
    Cryptize Zolt 11 時間 前

    i wish that i can play your frisbee game

  • vinasu maaj
    vinasu maaj 11 時間 前

    Man seeing all those changes to get rid of Samsung stuff, makes me appreciate the switch to OnePlus

  • Khaled Jumahadi
    Khaled Jumahadi 11 時間 前

    hey bro pls send me one here in the philippines

  • DogCatCow Chicken
    DogCatCow Chicken 11 時間 前

    Have you edited this iPad because I see Gmail right on the front just curious

  • iiIDUOA7Bii
    iiIDUOA7Bii 11 時間 前

    S10: Headphone jack S10+: HeadPhoneJack S10 e: headphone jack note 10: HeAdPhOnEjAcK note 10+: #[email protected]%)&([email protected]*!#*

  • Osama Haneya
    Osama Haneya 11 時間 前

    After 5 months of use, I can tell, Iphone 11 will let you down. The old issues was not solved yet. guess what? new issues has appeared.

  • JC Miras
    JC Miras 11 時間 前

    Just what I'm looking for!

  • P H
    P H 11 時間 前

    Boycott Chinese products! No more selling out!

  • Distressed Lo-Fi
    Distressed Lo-Fi 11 時間 前

    He didn’t ask for the review version because that would mean he has to say positive things, and he knew he wanted to shit on this from the start, unlike Xbox paying him out

  • Dominic Hutt
    Dominic Hutt 11 時間 前

    Mac Miniiiiiii!!!!!

  • J O'Brien
    J O'Brien 11 時間 前

    There for a minute I thought Marques grew out his hair into the shape of a diamond but it was just the background image in the next video preview. 😅(2020 Tech I'm ready for!)

  • Tech Tution
    Tech Tution 11 時間 前

    Klua bhi bolta h kya baat h Bhai tu youtube band kr d

  • Casper R.
    Casper R. 11 時間 前

    Intro. Fucking quality content. 👌

  • EnderBlaze
    EnderBlaze 11 時間 前

    this is where it all started...

  • CheezyPr0ductionz
    CheezyPr0ductionz 11 時間 前

    A la verga

  • Healthy Foods
    Healthy Foods 11 時間 前

    Billgate is so cruel. Carona virus is not a nature pandemic it was developed in 2006 at pirbright institution in England and covid19 patent was released on 2014 and given to isrial. Anyway he is so cruel person who sponsered this caronavirus and sent with the help of Canadian airplane to the wuhan laboratory and then virus being leaked by somebody. and now finally he has his shares with medical company.. Such a big lier he is. It was preplane conspiracy against china economy. This rich person spreads different virus and go for help then they prove themselves that they are so innocent and they help humanity actually they are very cruel they may kill human beings one day for their profits

  • Selçuk Yılmaz
    Selçuk Yılmaz 11 時間 前

    If only you mentioned about the price too. I believe that it would have made things a lot clearer after comparing with the rivals.

  • Kiran Bahirwani
    Kiran Bahirwani 11 時間 前

    I have the Ipad pro same as him but I have the 11 inch

  • plusultra instinct
    plusultra instinct 11 時間 前

    2020 🤘🏻

  • River Sandells
    River Sandells 11 時間 前

    I live in Australia so I’m never going to have to care about the cold weather

  • Samir Grg
    Samir Grg 11 時間 前

    Can we just appreciate his Acting skills?

  • Julien Dark
    Julien Dark 11 時間 前

    Is it just me or is the resolution off in this video?

  • Don’t Game
    Don’t Game 11 時間 前


  • Hrishabh
    Hrishabh 11 時間 前

    March 31. TV-japan recommended me first mkbhd video ever

  • Matthew lin
    Matthew lin 11 時間 前

    Can we see the computer set ups for all of the other people.

  • That Squid
    That Squid 11 時間 前

    2009: HP Pavilion, bad quality webcam 2020: 8K Cameras, very expensive phones, very big TVs

  • Shah Farhan labib Amlan vlogs

    I am a boy from bd

  • Paul
    Paul 11 時間 前

    What calendar widget is that on the second page?

    • vinasu maaj
      vinasu maaj 11 時間 前

      Looks like Marques gotta change his name to MKBSD for sometime now!!

  • Balwant Arora
    Balwant Arora 11 時間 前

    Try Lawnchair launcher, its too good and may be you will like Lawnchair launcher more than Nova launcher.

  • Mr doofytecH
    Mr doofytecH 12 時間 前

    Oitis good boi

  • Stephen Barnes
    Stephen Barnes 12 時間 前

    Love That Portal Reference !!

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    roger 22 12 時間 前

    Yes its big its a 5.5 inch display 😂

  • AE cool
    AE cool 12 時間 前

    2020 😆 ..

  • TheGoldenWolf
    TheGoldenWolf 12 時間 前

    My first smart phone was the HTC touch pro 2. With windows mobile. I loved that thing. I even managed to get an early version of android working on it thanks to forums. With working calling and data. I remember how much I geeked out when I played Doodle jump on it. It has a slide out keyboard and a stylus. It's a hefty phone, felt great in the hand.

  • ᄒRetal
    ᄒRetal 12 時間 前

    I really like it but i think i can’t i love iPhone 😭

  • Rayhant Aji Chatulistiwa

    remember the guy in tech insiders bully android...

  • Alex TG
    Alex TG 12 時間 前

    Title should've been " *How many app developers have paid me to sponsor them in my video* "

  • Niklas Persson
    Niklas Persson 12 時間 前

    I was wondering why apple suddenly sold a cheese grater on their website

  • Venkat Bhardwaj
    Venkat Bhardwaj 12 時間 前

    Why now

  • The Amazoner
    The Amazoner 12 時間 前

    It looks like the screen is just paper it's wonderful.

  • Anny Gaming
    Anny Gaming 12 時間 前

    Im watching it in 480 p where's my 1440 😰

  • bipin gaur
    bipin gaur 12 時間 前

    Hmmm just to get the right perspective "In 2019, there were over 2 billion computers in the world, including servers, desktops, and laptops." so yeah, computers are VERY well known as opposed to iPads "Apple has sold more than 360 million iPads since the original debuted in 2010." that is operational vs total

  • Holden Hatcher
    Holden Hatcher 12 時間 前

    Honestly, I hate it.

  • Janette's Daze
    Janette's Daze 12 時間 前

    Can u record phone calls ???

  • Nikolas Gunadi
    Nikolas Gunadi 12 時間 前

    Swivel angle = helps pirate movies.

  • Ac Alvin
    Ac Alvin 12 時間 前

    Why am I watching this now

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 12 時間 前

    Ban 5G!!!! 👎🏿

  • Syed Aidrus
    Syed Aidrus 12 時間 前

    I remember buying this phone in korea back in 2016 for ONLY 50$ and it was working perfectly. Used the phone for about 2 years then ended up selling it to my friend cause i bought an iphone 7. Honestly, i regreted selling the S6 cause it was so much better than my 7 😭😭❤️

  • Shiv Khanna
    Shiv Khanna 12 時間 前

    we love yt recommended

  • Ganbat Bavuudorj
    Ganbat Bavuudorj 12 時間 前

    Really cool one

  • CRYSTAL Wiser
    CRYSTAL Wiser 12 時間 前

    And they think 5g is good for the environment lol ouch.

  • ThisIsCrazy
    ThisIsCrazy 12 時間 前

    Shit look though and this phone gets more hotter and shit when used for like 5 months. I don't recommend this.

  • Wade Will
    Wade Will 12 時間 前

    Once it can run Adobe suite software and full applications sure, until then no for me.

  • Charles Julian Irving
    Charles Julian Irving 12 時間 前

    Thanks for the information. I lost my Ipad Pro months ago it was hands down my favorite. I hope to get another one somehow lol

  • kakashi1300
    kakashi1300 12 時間 前

    Pixel might be better on wide angle stills but for other camera aspects i seriously doubt it's any better than the s20 ultra. Not sure about the 2nd place finish. I love Marques but seriously he's overhyping the pixel camera as if it's always the default best.

  • Shaan M
    Shaan M 12 時間 前

    Seriously doubt that the former accountant of the medellin cartel needs to scam people like this.

  • Christoph Bobs
    Christoph Bobs 12 時間 前

    I think the Rollable idea is really better ;) *

  • john justin pugoy
    john justin pugoy 12 時間 前

    Are you talking about the case or the phone? 😂

  • 罗鹏飞
    罗鹏飞 12 時間 前