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One year of FAM | Ubisoft Canada
再生回数 3802 ヶ月 前
Un an de FAM | Ubisoft Canada
再生回数 1382 ヶ月 前


  • BackwardsTongue
    BackwardsTongue 5 時間 前

    For everyone asking for it to come to ps4, it is, in probably 3 weeks this is just a test server for testing and making changes it's not even out on PC for the normal servers yet.

  • Ediz0n
    Ediz0n 5 時間 前

    "content update"

  • RexVergstrong
    RexVergstrong 5 時間 前

    The subs are wrong. Cav calls Mozzie a "seu corno" and the subs say "Sir Cowden". They're not autogenerated, so they're uploaded wrong.

  • Cocobeef
    Cocobeef 5 時間 前

    Reeeeaaalllyyyy hope we don’t have to wait a year for another cgi... I’m super interested in the characters and this story

  • Chinedu Uchu
    Chinedu Uchu 5 時間 前

    I'm new here

  • HafdirTasare
    HafdirTasare 5 時間 前

    Blitz totally at it's best, loves the Attention!

  • buddhastaxi666
    buddhastaxi666 5 時間 前

    The irony is it was green before you cover it all with city. Is there are a Climate Impact from fossil fuels expansion pack?

  • Protosavage
    Protosavage 5 時間 前

    Honesty can someone tell me if this is worth it if you’re a person who doesn’t care much for the story, and would rather grind for more loot/cosmetics? Content like new armor sets, new non-exotic guns, and new cosmetics, ect.

  • Jack McNulty
    Jack McNulty 5 時間 前

    Jäger would’ve kicked their fucking asses. Would’ve been silent but dwadly

  • Tyler Wilkinson
    Tyler Wilkinson 5 時間 前

    If you can't actually pet that dog when this comes out it's a 0/10 for me.

  • Craig Garrison Jr
    Craig Garrison Jr 5 時間 前

    It wouldn't have worked with the lore because of Pulse's relationship with Hibana, but that definitely should have been Zofia, because in game terms, Pulse had Hibana downed, and Zofia is the only attacker that can her themselves back up

  • Lincoln Paull
    Lincoln Paull 5 時間 前

    Hey can you update it on PS4 like today or tomorrow

  • Gingi The Hunter
    Gingi The Hunter 6 時間 前

    Ubisoft give Warden a cape please. I beg of you.

  • Baby E
    Baby E 6 時間 前

    So no one gonna talk about how fine Mira is

  • TheBlackB0X
    TheBlackB0X 6 時間 前

    Watching Siege played with a controller is like eating a lobster dinner on a paper plate.

  • Young Rage
    Young Rage 6 時間 前

    Time to MAIN Recruit. Show some respect!

  • blue phoenix Snipes
    blue phoenix Snipes 6 時間 前

    Looks like siege is adding duel pistols to ash

  • HeyImCode
    HeyImCode 6 時間 前

    World’s greatest Airsoft game.

  • Ethan Stang
    Ethan Stang 6 時間 前

    They saved a ship by blowing it up.

  • tcraft65
    tcraft65 6 時間 前

    Buff Iana she’s so damn weak you should shoot the drone anyways you want it dead along with her. Shoot it and they have a longer charge time and she dosent know where you are and it can’t even scan or rappel or climb ladders maybe even make it shoot decoy bullets that don’t do any damage and makes noise so you could attract rushers

  • Natsirt
    Natsirt 6 時間 前


  • Dank Meme_sys
    Dank Meme_sys 6 時間 前

    now i want to see caveira and tachanka on the next six invitational

  • ZIshun Yang
    ZIshun Yang 6 時間 前

    Hi ssive because you dont hace ma

  • Frainivar
    Frainivar 6 時間 前

    They lost cause no one was spawnpeeking

  • Wild Meep
    Wild Meep 6 時間 前

    Recruit rush ftw

  • Dust 7
    Dust 7 6 時間 前

    will Ubi release the soundtrack for the trailer, i'd love to go on jogs with this song pumping me up

  • Bravo Six Gaming
    Bravo Six Gaming 6 時間 前

    Best quote? "Had enough of this shite!"

  • Rohanou •
    Rohanou • 6 時間 前

    When you realise that r6 just added an anime character and the rhino 👀and made it tactical

  • AlexOS
    AlexOS 6 時間 前

    Im guessing this doesnt reset your gear score or anything?

  • Dip Gaming
    Dip Gaming 6 時間 前

    bruh they ran blitz

  • Riley Gautz
    Riley Gautz 7 時間 前

    Nighthaven Recruit when?

  • alex Cortez
    alex Cortez 7 時間 前

    friends worth playing it alone? I want to buy it but I run out of the plus but I know that the content of the story can be played which leads me to see if it is fun or at least enjoyable

  • Ben Runyon
    Ben Runyon 7 時間 前

    Did Mira say the N word when Sledge threw that grenade?

  • chesh21-0
    chesh21-0 7 時間 前

    "sanitation" xD

  • NEMO Vesper
    NEMO Vesper 7 時間 前

    You will get there someday rockie

  • Lightning Animations
    Lightning Animations 7 時間 前

    XD the fact that a box breaks and a stranger comes in your house is frightening

    FNL CLAN 7 時間 前

    I will tell you one thing if that person that push you all the way back character comes on ps4 we are all screwed😐

    • BackwardsTongue
      BackwardsTongue 5 時間 前

      Of course he's coming. Everyone comes to a all consoles

  • Tommy Colin
    Tommy Colin 7 時間 前

    I feel bad for pulse i know that feeling of killing 4 people then dying to the last one

  • Casper Brandqvist
    Casper Brandqvist 7 時間 前

    please remove clash amaru and jackal ffs bullshit guys

  • megachef04
    megachef04 7 時間 前


  • Matsu Ichikage
    Matsu Ichikage 7 時間 前

    Recruit elite skin: Royal Knight.

  • St. Blue Bunny
    St. Blue Bunny 7 時間 前

    well i can see alot more people playing blitz

  • iAmAnonymousTom
    iAmAnonymousTom 7 時間 前

    I'm gonna need the music here, ASAP.

  • KarizmatikEmmi
    KarizmatikEmmi 7 時間 前

    Rainbow Six sahiplerine indirim olacakmı

  • Voodoo-Strike
    Voodoo-Strike 7 時間 前

    Where is the new main menu design ? I can’t see it on the tts ... 🤔

  • AverageLake
    AverageLake 7 時間 前

    Damn pulse got a 4k

  • eclinvo
    eclinvo 7 時間 前

    PTR cannot be on PS4. There is a reason that he is playing on PC. Console is completely unable to host a PTR, no execptions.

  • No Way
    No Way 7 時間 前

    I wish the seasons changed up the map design a bit. Maybe have actual seasons in game or an entire faction takeover during one of the seasons. Imagine if the seasons were themed around PvE, PvP. I can totally see “season of the rogue” where the entire game (at the time) revolves around pvp content, darkzone content, and much more. That would hook me instantly.

  • Mcmuffin 1.0
    Mcmuffin 1.0 7 時間 前

    Man ezio when he walked up to the carrige it was so badass

  • Carlos Mediavilla
    Carlos Mediavilla 8 時間 前

    BTW why is not Miras VA an ACTUAL SPAINSIH voice actor rather than a Latam VA?

  • Minato Namikaze
    Minato Namikaze 8 時間 前

    Now this is how you know they running out of ideas

  • Black Magic
    Black Magic 8 時間 前

    so we gonna ignore the fact pulse almost got an ace?

  • Crash Overide
    Crash Overide 8 時間 前

    Ubisoft asks people 2 let them showcase the new operators but wind up dying after a minute in

  • MemeMaster
    MemeMaster 8 時間 前

    Nice Mira strat

  • Okami Doggo
    Okami Doggo 8 時間 前

    They should make this a legit sport.

  • Sven svenowitsch
    Sven svenowitsch 8 時間 前

    qh< not found the face in the the division?? is this oh so cumming in the addon?

  • ADBEE Gaming
    ADBEE Gaming 8 時間 前

    loving them all ❤ dropping a Like

  • PGProductions
    PGProductions 8 時間 前

    Pulse lost because hes a Simp

  • Carane94
    Carane94 8 時間 前

    Looks cool and all then The December release date

  • Thomas Schreck
    Thomas Schreck 8 時間 前

    Played today after bout a week and half of not playing... i have almost all god rolls with eagle bearer as main weapon my e.b. is hittin 29.8 plus composure on top and 78% dte. Its always jus absolutely shredded. Seems like these npcs now must have like 2 million armor or something because its like im not even shooting them anymore. Ive played the game since the beginning when it was awesome, aftrr all these changes and nerfs and junk drops now im not sure ill e playing much more, unless you have gear from when the game was good you simply cannot compete, no fun, a group of four on heroic and its jus wipe after wipe after wipe, all these new players forced to get the junk that drops now cant make a decent build to play with on the level it is now. Everyone i used to play with no longer plays and im about to join that group and move on to something not so inconsistant. Too bad cuz ive put hours and hours into the game and only can hold my own with gear ive hoarded from long ago, fighting alongside people who dont have those gear pieces with high rolls is a joke and today proved it for me. So long division, good luck lmao. I imagine is why was for sale for three dollars i seen the other day, desperate to get people bak to playing cuz noone wants to but those who are unaware of jus what the games become now. Before tu6 my e.b. was 32k dmg so beast!! Took hours to get it up to 29.8, from the 25k it was nerfed down to, i gave the game a chance but why put the time in if its jus ripped away or no matter what u have compared to npcs nothing holds up against them lol, i miss the original version.

    • Martin Taylor
      Martin Taylor 7 時間 前

      Are you stacking dte talents on your gear still?

  • LazerBeam
    LazerBeam 8 時間 前

    Is it possible to buy this Costume somewhere? 😂

  • kambrah
    kambrah 8 時間 前

    Kinda peak that pulse wasn't congratulated on a 4k.

  • yoda
    yoda 8 時間 前

    do not tussle wit the muscle

  • Martin
    Martin 8 時間 前


    FORMULASTX94 8 時間 前

    I have played this game since it came out and I still love it even tho the best part was removed. R.I.P 3 speed Acog

  • no name może być ?
    no name może być ? 8 時間 前


  • Léo Schaefers
    Léo Schaefers 8 時間 前

    Remember when this game took itself seriously ? With realistic operators and gadgets ? Now lately we've had Hulk, a hologram-invoking witch and a Call of Duty trickshot sniper

  • Night Haven
    Night Haven 8 時間 前

    It would Be Epic if Rainbow Six Siege had Every Operationers in Every Countries in the World That should Be there Goals I think

  • The Sly Fox
    The Sly Fox 8 時間 前

    4:11 **gets Jax flashbacks**

  • Ghost X
    Ghost X 8 時間 前

    Starts from: 10:23

  • westley thomas
    westley thomas 8 時間 前

    Pulse and hibanna together who would have seen that coming

  • 狼
     8 時間 前

    Am I the only one who wanted to see the other teams besides the ones in this video? Because I was interested to see what the other teams were like in this

  • 21 Firebreak
    21 Firebreak 8 時間 前

    Is that really Hibana at 0:42 ?

  • Plexare Venture
    Plexare Venture 8 時間 前

    For 4 years we've been trying, hunting down Keener in New York now we we're going to bring...him...down in the fire

  • smackdatmoney
    smackdatmoney 8 時間 前

    I feel bad for the R6 staff that reads these comments when a skin like this comes out, if you are a R6 staff and reading this....thank you for this skin, I dont need viagra now.

  • kingdom child
    kingdom child 8 時間 前

    So, you guys are just dicking around playing your own games and not making any other games?

  • Hiwa Alasliman
    Hiwa Alasliman 9 時間 前

    When will they come out?

  • CeeJay Mann
    CeeJay Mann 9 時間 前

    I wanna see a Tachanka vs Oryx 1v1

  • Hondo Julian
    Hondo Julian 9 時間 前

    FYI we don't want 'battle outfits'

  • LariatTubman
    LariatTubman 9 時間 前

    Console siege LMFAOOOOO

    • Justin
      Justin 5 時間 前

      PC siege LMFAOOOOO

    • TestedXylophone
      TestedXylophone 6 時間 前

      LariatTubman it’s literally on pc but with an Xbox controller

  • Jesse Acosta
    Jesse Acosta 9 時間 前

    If anyone's down to play my psn is filthymcnasty_88

  • Jona van Berchum
    Jona van Berchum 9 時間 前

    Mira belike: doilookadyouorthecamara x 6

  • Senior Pedro
    Senior Pedro 9 時間 前

    Please bring back bombers in Thunt

  • TooMuchDisel
    TooMuchDisel 9 時間 前

    Ubisoft ask yourselves who would wear this garbage, this is a spit on our faces.

  • B4life23B
    B4life23B 9 時間 前

    I’m a huge fan of the game. I’ve had it day with about 200 hours instead. I really wish this game was cross-platform so I could play with my son and his friends on PC. Hopefully someday this happens

  • Freddy Flores
    Freddy Flores 9 時間 前

    I really love and appreciate the art style that they made for this year, it adds a nice touch and I feel like For Honor should have a lot more of it because this game has potential to be very beautiful.

  • UnitedGamerzNation
    UnitedGamerzNation 9 時間 前

    Where are the timestamps peeps?

  • AllAboutTech
    AllAboutTech 9 時間 前

    4:05 she could just pick up the gun

  • German Geo
    German Geo 9 時間 前


  • Florastrox
    Florastrox 9 時間 前

    E TU

  • kokkos gamer
    kokkos gamer 9 時間 前

    Put it on ps4

  • char lie
    char lie 9 時間 前

    Why are they ruining Oregon

  • Mementos
    Mementos 9 時間 前

    Put it on ps4

  • Hassyh
    Hassyh 9 時間 前


  • Ahvyon Drake
    Ahvyon Drake 9 時間 前

    My favorite 😏

  • biggy
    biggy 9 時間 前

    I really like the narrative so far

  • hank7-11
    hank7-11 9 時間 前

    Mira is bad af

  • HamSammich
    HamSammich 9 時間 前

    Iana: comes out Rule 34 Artists: "Oh yeah, it's all coming together."

  • я стал ослом

    Тачанка be like: *I SEE NO GOD UP HERE EXCEPT ME*

  • Tevin Walls
    Tevin Walls 9 時間 前

    yall should make more vids like this.