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It's Time To Move On...
再生回数 10M2 ヶ月 前
Switching Lives With Jeffree Star
再生回数 14M2 ヶ月 前
Replacing My Twin Brother With a Robot
再生回数 3.7M3 ヶ月 前
Ethan and Grayson AFTER SURGERY
再生回数 8M4 ヶ月 前
再生回数 6M4 ヶ月 前
Attempting A Hollywood Movie Audition!
再生回数 3.4M5 ヶ月 前
LEARNING HOW TO ACT ft. Noah Schnapp
再生回数 3.9M6 ヶ月 前
Dolan Twins Become Emma Chamberlain
再生回数 11M6 ヶ月 前
We Swapped Credit Cards For A Day
再生回数 7M6 ヶ月 前
The Search For Our New Pet
再生回数 4.3M7 ヶ月 前
再生回数 7M11 ヶ月 前
再生回数 6M11 ヶ月 前
再生回数 3.7M11 ヶ月 前
Surprising Fans At Their Houses!!
再生回数 4.2M11 ヶ月 前
再生回数 6M年 前
再生回数 11M年 前
再生回数 11M年 前
再生回数 16M年 前
再生回数 10M年 前
What Our Tattoos Mean 2
再生回数 3M年 前
#AskEthanAndGrayson 4
再生回数 4.8M年 前
再生回数 3.1M年 前
Our New House Is HAUNTED!
再生回数 2.3M年 前
We Fought Over A Girl...
再生回数 3M年 前
再生回数 3.3M年 前
再生回数 4.1M年 前
再生回数 2.6M年 前
Bye For Now
再生回数 3.2M年 前
再生回数 2.8M年 前
再生回数 4.2M年 前
Types Of Fans
再生回数 3.4M年 前
再生回数 5M年 前
Reacting and Recreating: FAN ART
再生回数 3.2M年 前
What Is Our New Fandom Name!?!
再生回数 2.7M年 前
Figure Skating Challenge...
再生回数 4M年 前
再生回数 3.1M年 前
再生回数 3.8M年 前
Bloopers 2017 !
再生回数 4.8M年 前
再生回数 5M2 年 前
再生回数 6M2 年 前
Cameron Dares Ethan And Grayson
再生回数 5M2 年 前
再生回数 5M2 年 前
Spilling Tea About Each Other!!
再生回数 3.7M2 年 前
Reacting To Our MAKEOVERS!
再生回数 8M2 年 前
Twins Vs. iPhone X Face ID
再生回数 13M2 年 前
Awkwarder Question Game!!
再生回数 7M2 年 前


  • shaden choukeir
    shaden choukeir 時間 前

    first time seeing ethan waking up grayson

  • Chickadee Anya
    Chickadee Anya 時間 前

    17:52 Those drone shots thoughhhhhhhhhhh dang 🥰🥰

  • klinta b
    klinta b 時間 前

    vegan apple

  • Kirei Natsu
    Kirei Natsu 時間 前

    My dolan twins fever is coming back 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Paul Crisp
    Paul Crisp 時間 前

    Do it again pleaseeee i love these type of vids

  • GachaLifeWeirdo !!!

    1:08 lol I can’t tell if he’s like “bruh wtf” or if he’s in love😂

  • Nessa Snow
    Nessa Snow 時間 前

    I drove 12 hours and the vibes were awesome, wish I could go more trips. Exited to see what else y’all have coming

  • Rita
    Rita 時間 前

    13:55 i didn't understand why they were making such a big deal about outside temperature being 20 degrees... then i saw snow and my brain went whaaaaaat !??? And i realise Americans use degrees Fahrenheit NOT CELSIUS ! 20°Celsius = 68° Fahrenheit which is not «freezing» at all 😂 I feel so stupid...

  • Laiba B
    Laiba B 時間 前


  • Bill Roper
    Bill Roper 時間 前

  • Amara
    Amara 時間 前

    They need a mini heater why did they not have one

  • Azra Aksoj
    Azra Aksoj 時間 前

    Ethan: "That means we drove 900 miles per day". Me, a European: has no idea how much that actually is. 😂

  • I am Adi xx
    I am Adi xx 時間 前

    I'm still watching the vid midway, but I gotta say, I love every single vid you guys make but I just have a special spot in my heart for this. I love this series so muchhhhh!

  • chelsea miller
    chelsea miller 時間 前

    amazing video!!!

  • Krystal Gonzales
    Krystal Gonzales 時間 前

    I died at the "we forgot to ask him what babies wear in the womb"... "Babies are naked you f*cking idiot" 🤣🤣

  • Amara
    Amara 時間 前

    Pretty sure you can sleep at reststops

  • MayaDolanz 1612
    MayaDolanz 1612 時間 前

    No one: Ethan: This is my last home-cooked meal *pours cereal*

  • Tomasz Łaszcz
    Tomasz Łaszcz 時間 前

    no bo jak mówiłem że vh2 czy coś koło tego, to wiadomo że sraczyńskie nie, bo nie są złe ale są lepszei i mogłaby być taka młoda jak z tego pornosa z pażdziernika 2014 taka mi się podobała, najlepiej, ciekawe czy taka jest

  • Knightl Pow
    Knightl Pow 時間 前

    I LOVE YOUR VIDS ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Megin Marie
    Megin Marie 時間 前

    The sign will say, “KEEP RIGHT EXCEPT TO PASS”

  • MayaDolanz 1612
    MayaDolanz 1612 時間 前

    Ok but like...ETHAN WOKE UP GRAYSON!!!!?!

  • Julia Francis
    Julia Francis 時間 前

    0:46 its weird when they say it at the same time.

  • Frédérique Duchesneau

    «Why does this keep happening to us?» It's juste weather being weather guys... LA has gotten to you...

  • Elisabeth Nielsen
    Elisabeth Nielsen 時間 前

    Grayson: buckles his seat belt Ethan: standing in a driving car

  • Nessa Snow
    Nessa Snow 時間 前

    Could’ve just dropped into Texas, def no snowstorm there lol

  • Maegans powell
    Maegans powell 時間 前

    If you are watching the video while scrolling through comments MAKE THIS BUTTON BLUE 👇🏻

  • Paige Schimbeck
    Paige Schimbeck 時間 前

    Ahh, yes. Utah, middle of nowhere.

  • Alex perez
    Alex perez 時間 前

    You guys should use the bathroom at resting stops. (High way)

  • Min Su Hwa
    Min Su Hwa 時間 前

    Im not pregnant 😂 Seriously 😂

  • Fiona McGee
    Fiona McGee 時間 前

    O _ O *”hit a zoom”*

  • Mesi Lounela
    Mesi Lounela 時間 前

    Take the van to europe!!!

  • dreamer girl
    dreamer girl 時間 前

    This is my favorite video ever 🖤

  • kelz belz
    kelz belz 時間 前

    Am I the only one who thinks they don't look as much alike as they think. Like if I didn't know I would assume they are regular brothers really close in age.

  • Gaming Apple
    Gaming Apple 時間 前

    I like Grayson outfit 😭😭

  • Charles Wagner
    Charles Wagner 時間 前

    Dude...a hike crew portable heated shower is like 150.00. Why are you doing this to yourself?

  • Karen P
    Karen P 時間 前

    I loved this series honestly :,)

  • Axel Prime
    Axel Prime 時間 前

    Well, I suddenly realize why California traffic is so bad. Stick to the right unless passing is a universal rule. There's aliens in some other Galaxy complaining about the big ships hogging the left lane right now I swear.

  • Conner Greger
    Conner Greger 時間 前

    what sweater is Grayson wearing at the end. I dig it

  • Rachel Rodriguez
    Rachel Rodriguez 時間 前

    Come to Miami!!!! 😁😁

  • Crystal Rdgz
    Crystal Rdgz 時間 前

    "Why are these lights on" 16:20 lmfao meeee

  • Taylor Marrs
    Taylor Marrs 時間 前

    representing stl

  • Jessica Ndjomou
    Jessica Ndjomou 時間 前

    Now what about the ride back??!??!?

  • Jessie Moore
    Jessie Moore 時間 前

    loving the content 🙌

  • taytay🌻
    taytay🌻 時間 前

    Is it just me or was Ethan's raspyness at 1:20 like hella attractive? 🤷‍♀️

  • Diana Rosa de Haas
    Diana Rosa de Haas 時間 前

    Aaw it was so cute at the start when Ethan was waking Grayson up and Grayson was just worried about Ethan hitting his head on the projector hanging from his ceiling <3

  • Nicole Young
    Nicole Young 2 時間 前

    I live in Missouri! Last year it took me an hour to walk my car up a hill on ice. Then finally got stuck on a different hill. Winter sucks here. So many accidents and deaths every year because of the weather. It’s insane

  • The Resistance
    The Resistance 2 時間 前

    I believe you guys I seen a UFO too I use to tell the story at parties lol nobody believes me but multiple people seen it there was even this lady and her daughter chasing it with a video camera in the back of their car LOL😋 it was crazy I even called the news!💯they said they were going to send out air patrol then when I called back to let them know it was getting out of sight there was a helicopter that started coming up underneath it flying under it and the UFO I seen was lime green glowing too and you know what's really crazy when I called the news back to let them know it was getting out of sight it was about to go past some trees soon where we wouldn't be able to see it anymore she (as in same lady I talked to) she pretended like she had no idea who I was and that she never talked to me before she said she was the only one there and she doesn't know what I'm talking about she completely played stupid and I had just talked to her less than 10 minutes before it was insane 💯🛸👽🛸💯I've always wondered what if UFOs are really just secret government technology that they're just not telling the public about following patterns in history they never reveal the good stuff to the public unless your like me and you watch weird videos because you like to learn about the world & inventions & off-grid living ROFL I'm a horse of a different color😋👍🌈💜🌈😋👍 & anyone who thinks that's crazy lol I bet if you went back in time & tried to tell the people riding around on horses that we will be sleeping/riding around in hunks of metal at crazy speeds above tar they would think that's crazy too but who knows what the future will hold 😋

  • Ally Brusseau
    Ally Brusseau 2 時間 前

    Would love to see you travel to all of the national parks in your van!

  • Physique Fuel
    Physique Fuel 2 時間 前

    How y’all make money?

  • Urijah Nunley
    Urijah Nunley 2 時間 前

    I live in Tennessee in Grundy county

  • taytay🌻
    taytay🌻 2 時間 前

    "I promise I don't have a micro penis" Me: ope😳😂😏

  • Naz 68
    Naz 68 2 時間 前

    The fact that they said peace just warms my heart

  • aliea morales
    aliea morales 2 時間 前


  • Jesse C
    Jesse C 2 時間 前

    Why do people watch this crap

  • Endless Galaxy
    Endless Galaxy 2 時間 前

    Omg that zoom in the middle of nowhere was pretty impressive!!

  • Leeyah Roman Vlogs
    Leeyah Roman Vlogs 2 時間 前

    This series was lit 🔥

  • Kel Bell
    Kel Bell 2 時間 前

    no one: not a single soul: grayson:WATCH YOUR HEAD, watch your head, watch you head! ethan: im fine grayson: *woried*

  • Nicole Ehlers
    Nicole Ehlers 2 時間 前

    I'm born for the wild. I always go camping every summer

  • Adel Theslave
    Adel Theslave 2 時間 前

    Liked the idea then what about the bathroom

  • Nihal Okur
    Nihal Okur 2 時間 前

    come to Delaware that's where i live

  • KaileyShae
    KaileyShae 2 時間 前

    Vegan apple that must be new! 🍎😂🤣

  • Awrad
    Awrad 2 時間 前

    I miss the sister squad😔

  • Cecilia laiz
    Cecilia laiz 2 時間 前

    Vegan apple 😂 😂 I'm dying

  • Vera Kleinsmit
    Vera Kleinsmit 2 時間 前

    Weird cansas law? That is the rule everywhere, here in the Netherlands toooo maaatteee

  • Shaquille Oatmeal
    Shaquille Oatmeal 2 時間 前

    Hopefully the conversation comments leave with 2019.

  • Autumn AADT
    Autumn AADT 2 時間 前

    31:23 All these sexual Gray edits with this clip in slo - mo are coming. I just know it😂😂😂

  • Reynang Queen
    Reynang Queen 2 時間 前

    Grayson: doing literally nothing. Ethan: gRaysOn sToP!

  • Sayeri Ghosh
    Sayeri Ghosh 2 時間 前

    Start watching from (1:17) and keep your eye on the side where Emma is sitting you will see someone or something ,is that a ghost or a member of your crew just be SAFE....

  • diana aleman
    diana aleman 2 時間 前

    I love these videos I’m so glad they did ittttttt


    i love dolan twins

  • Ellen Farrell
    Ellen Farrell 2 時間 前

    You guys should do this again in summer 2020

  • Jun Jun
    Jun Jun 2 時間 前

    That bath though.... best view yet 😉

  • Jack Miller
    Jack Miller 2 時間 前

    I have a twin and I stole all the food from my twin

  • princess bubblegum
    princess bubblegum 2 時間 前

    So are they gonna live in the van permanently now or... just for the series? Like do they still have their house to sleep and live in after the series end or are they gonna live in the van forever now

  • Rochelle Talks
    Rochelle Talks 2 時間 前

    camera man "Dolan Snadwhich" 15:37

  • Autumn AADT
    Autumn AADT 2 時間 前


  • Geri07 XD
    Geri07 XD 2 時間 前

    Since when Grayson is vegan?

  • Autumn AADT
    Autumn AADT 2 時間 前

    20:58 Absolutely stunning

  • chiaraisokay
    chiaraisokay 2 時間 前

    I died when he put his nasty shoe on the bed

  • Autumn AADT
    Autumn AADT 2 時間 前

    20:18 I literally live near Nashville AND this was filmed on my 18th birthday literally wtf

  • Itzmehdoga
    Itzmehdoga 2 時間 前

    Have they tought about how there gonna get back........

  • raniar imania
    raniar imania 2 時間 前

    it hurts me that they wear their shoes while sleeping

  • Alex Frye
    Alex Frye 2 時間 前

    Ethan is chanaling his inner Emma Chamberlain-sorry if I spelled stuff wrong

  • DreamlikeAlice
    DreamlikeAlice 2 時間 前

    am i the only one who thought the soap was product placement because they explained it so often?

  • Reese Alexander
    Reese Alexander 2 時間 前

    @32:00 Ethan low key looked like a robber in his striped shirt, beanie and van 😂

  • SuperMemes 101
    SuperMemes 101 3 時間 前

    My names also Ethan not that anyone cares

  • Nasim Uzzaman
    Nasim Uzzaman 3 時間 前

    উভয় ভাই তোমরা বিজয়ী

  • pablin
    pablin 3 時間 前


  • Taylor Leek
    Taylor Leek 3 時間 前

    My state is apparently a random state🤦🏼‍♀️ if they stayed in a town an hour from Nashville in Ky then that’s my home town!!

  • Richa Sharma
    Richa Sharma 3 時間 前


  • Patty Baryla
    Patty Baryla 3 時間 前

    33:37 ethan i love you hahahaha

  • Sarah Frye
    Sarah Frye 3 時間 前

    Everyone say Colorado IM A griaffe

  • Kanika Sharma-ARMY
    Kanika Sharma-ARMY 3 時間 前

    They both clapping at the end opening the gifts! LOL...MAMA'S BOYS!!!

  • kelayyy
    kelayyy 3 時間 前

    He just said "home cooked meal" and poured alot of cereal 😂🙄

  • Manh Manh
    Manh Manh 3 時間 前

    what do they even do for a living -.-

  • jamaya king
    jamaya king 3 時間 前

    Well since your going to Jersey you might as well stop by Syracuse New York

  • Slator Got
    Slator Got 3 時間 前

    Yo this entire video was funny asf 😂😂😂😂

  • Hazel mae Macelisa
    Hazel mae Macelisa 3 時間 前

    The heck he may suffocate at that box no air sweating yeah thats normal because he is inside and no air the fuck

  • Rachelle Elliott
    Rachelle Elliott 3 時間 前

    Kyle getting a “Dolan sandwich” is the luckiest man in the world

  • Autumn AADT
    Autumn AADT 3 時間 前

    aw they filmed this on my birthday. November 9th