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1007th Race Quiz | James Bond Edition
再生回数 46K7 ヶ月 前
Rookie drifts F1 in Copenhagen
再生回数 153K8 ヶ月 前


  • Nick Pallatt
    Nick Pallatt 34 分 前

    why would you put this awful music over the sound of the car? what is wrong with you people?

  • skconstructions S
    skconstructions S 時間 前

    Hey Max that's sounds and born from Formula One but from the outside this behemoth can resemble some of the portions of the Lemans Prototype 1

  • Jack Jeter
    Jack Jeter 時間 前

    Beautiful livery

  • X Fade
    X Fade 時間 前

    "Drive with caution" on the hud.

  • C Brooks
    C Brooks 時間 前

    Not bad for a first edit. But next remove that "music" so we can hear the car!

  • the german
    the german 時間 前

    it would be cool if it was in the 24hours of lemans

  • Abdul Don
    Abdul Don 時間 前

    Should be hibernating in the winter

  • General Prime
    General Prime 3 時間 前

    the COMPLEXity in the creation of a single SIMPLE bolt....

  • Mickehd00d
    Mickehd00d 3 時間 前

    Less music, more of that glorious V12 singing, please!

  • Adonis Top of Men
    Adonis Top of Men 4 時間 前

    great car …….

  • diggi juri
    diggi juri 4 時間 前

    This is the vagner in gta right

  • Dario DeNiro
    Dario DeNiro 4 時間 前

    A road car, really?

  • blackflagqwerty
    blackflagqwerty 4 時間 前

    Fuck that shit awful music off! Let me hear the fucken engine! Thumbs Down, Unsubbed and fuck you video editor!!!

  • 24 Miles of James
    24 Miles of James 4 時間 前

    RIP, thanks Stroll🇨🇦

  • Shane Jackson
    Shane Jackson 5 時間 前

    Why bother? It has been reported today that the Aston Martin Valkyrie has been cancelled and will not be in the Hypercar series. Seems Lance Strolls father is behind this.

  • Dim Per
    Dim Per 5 時間 前

    Lol the vagner

  • C439672-D
    C439672-D 5 時間 前

    He wasnt going very fast. What was it "yes we will shut all the roads for you and remove all the traffic but don't you dare speed"!

  • Kim Live
    Kim Live 5 時間 前

    Less shitty music, and more sound from the car... And just more about the car and the drivers.

  • Charles Griffiths
    Charles Griffiths 5 時間 前

    Engine sounds like a small motorcycle rather than an F1 car. The Valkyrie sounds amazing.

  • David Quinn
    David Quinn 5 時間 前

    What a lush car

  • 케헹냐
    케헹냐 6 時間 前

    The Crew 2..?

  • marcus_rss
    marcus_rss 6 時間 前

    der neue Endgegner ;-)

  • Orcawhale
    Orcawhale 6 時間 前

    0:40 Same guy who was behind the Mclaren P1, so no doubt this will be a proper hypercar.

  • Ride On
    Ride On 7 時間 前


  • Brian Rose
    Brian Rose 8 時間 前

    I bet you can't put shittier music to a video

  • Jeshkam
    Jeshkam 9 時間 前

    I'll miss the LMP1 cars...

  • Denis Denonovich
    Denis Denonovich 9 時間 前

    Bad team .crash crash and crash pls .fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • ka i
    ka i 10 時間 前

    I love these two but damn my heart hurts seeing that durian wasted like that 😭

  • Only UPSC
    Only UPSC 10 時間 前

    Try in india😜😜😜

  • And
    And 10 時間 前


  • Chris Hagan
    Chris Hagan 11 時間 前

    2:44..... What a teaser. Where's the full video

  • LamboCoin Cars
    LamboCoin Cars 11 時間 前

    So that's where the camo livery went... :)

    GRPR TRPR 12 時間 前

    So disappointed Aston Martin pulled the plug on their hyper car program for WEC. I was really looking forward to September & seeing them run against Toyota. That being said, maybe now we can get the LMDH cars in both IMSA & WEC as the top category. Hopefully with quite a bit more power than the DPI cars currently running.

  • Zeth Loveless
    Zeth Loveless 13 時間 前

    This is what f1 cars wish they could be 😈

  • Joanie E
    Joanie E 14 時間 前

    1:40 when Lamborghini’s are in the tunnel

  • Joanie E
    Joanie E 14 時間 前


  • Joanie E
    Joanie E 14 時間 前

    1:21 when my pizza delivery is around the corner

  • Alex Silva
    Alex Silva 14 時間 前

    Salve se quem peder

  • Makuin :v
    Makuin :v 15 時間 前

    Hello from 2020

  • dark matter
    dark matter 15 時間 前

    Couldn’t hear engine, only reason I watched video. 😡

  • Sebastiao de Andrade Pereira Andrade

    Amo todos seus vídeos são demais

  • M L
    M L 16 時間 前

    Mercedes will be to fast again

  • ju ic
    ju ic 17 時間 前

    Pretty shock that there was no toilet break.

  • El
    El 17 時間 前

    What the Senna should have looked like. I still love it's looks though.

  • El
    El 18 時間 前

    Isn't the old guy a former McLaren employee?

  • KierenBOI MUFC
    KierenBOI MUFC 18 時間 前

    So Aston Martin have now put there car back a year for Le Mans

  • Jay C
    Jay C 18 時間 前

    Omg 😮 just loved the video 🍺❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • AlgenCrew
    AlgenCrew 19 時間 前

    Do you hear this? Yes? Nordschleife is waiting!

  • Mike Brouwer
    Mike Brouwer 19 時間 前

    For a much more hyper reaction, just put me in there instead of the 2 cracks.

  • Ricardo YK1
    Ricardo YK1 19 時間 前


  • Linda M
    Linda M 20 時間 前

    That is one hell of a beautiful car. Absolutely stunning. Love the blk red feature. The shape is kool. And I'm assuming it flys like the wind.

  • Gregg B
    Gregg B 21 時間 前

    BMW called.. they would like their E46 SMG gearbox back..

  • The Weaver
    The Weaver 21 時間 前

    F*ck the music. Geeze.

  • e r
    e r 22 時間 前

    Imagine if that car hits a speed bump

  • Anthony Mitchell46
    Anthony Mitchell46 22 時間 前

    We can not give a shit regards your crappy dubstep music at the best of times especially when we take the time go watch a video of of such an amazing sounding car. WILL YOU EVER LEARN ! never ever use music in the video of a performance car. We didn't click on the video to hear music.

  • J D
    J D 22 時間 前

    19 février = tout ça pour ça...projet annulé/ super

  • Miguel Perez
    Miguel Perez 22 時間 前

    Cmon ubisoft i rather have this than the vulcan 😑

  • G DK
    G DK 22 時間 前

    bring back v12 engines to f1

  • Lefteri Tahiraj
    Lefteri Tahiraj 23 時間 前

    I will take to drive and one for my put my chickens on

  • Anthos Lykos
    Anthos Lykos 23 時間 前

    Welp building this was a waste of time. Thanks for the dick tease.

  • Alvin Cornelius
    Alvin Cornelius 23 時間 前

    Aston martin honda drivers testing Mercedes-Benz hypercar

  • Andy Gregor
    Andy Gregor 23 時間 前

    This the new Prius?

  • paul sticks
    paul sticks 23 時間 前

    One of the most amazing designs I have ever seen !

  • paul sticks
    paul sticks 23 時間 前

    Will this be street legal and will it be for sale?

  • Rob Brimer
    Rob Brimer 日 前

    So this was nothing more than a marketing ploy to show us ( and the drivers) what might have been. I’m throughly gutted as a fan that you shelved this project.

    • GazRwood
      GazRwood 21 時間 前

      Could of been the best advertisement ever for the brand! I reckon all those new designs we saw will be scrapped in time!

  • Kyle Spence
    Kyle Spence 日 前

    Please make this the safety for F1

  • Cunvan
    Cunvan 日 前

    They got very lucky with the traffic!

  • Eric Cooper
    Eric Cooper 日 前

    The Pagani Zonda and 330 p4 had a kid.

  • Bruce Kim
    Bruce Kim 日 前

    shame they leave wec hypercar...

  • Stephen Gamble

    Just a publicity even , they turn up, drive another hyper car, smile, go home.

  • Daniel Vermaas

    Lance Stroll smiles.....

  • JackSwatman
    JackSwatman 日 前

    why are shifts so shit??

  • Baker Racer3.006

    The car is amazing but one thing that keeps on bugging me is front because to me it looks like a duck

  • Ronald Simon
    Ronald Simon 日 前

    what about fat rich guys/ above average men, didn't you think of them when designing this car? even these guys can barely fit inside this car.

  • Andy Smart
    Andy Smart 日 前

    who edited and produced this? were they told to keep it as short as possible? with opinions of young men and silly music over the top of what we're actually trying to hear? with short clips cutting faster than we can see? if that's what they were told to do, mission accomplished.

  • WhatupJesus69
    WhatupJesus69 日 前

    Is this a video for horrible music or was I supposed to be able to hear the Valkyrie? There doesn’t even need to be music in this video just Max and the Valkyrie is all that was needed. Can we have a video of just Valkyrie audio?

  • Addway Chakraborty

    Can't wait to see Lance Stroll behind the wheel soon😜

  • Axel Dylan Tatipata

    Well I bought this car on GTA online last year 🥴

  • Mitchell Steindler

    That has an appalling video

  • Richard Pol
    Richard Pol 日 前

    The sound of the engine!!! Hamilton here he comes!!!

  • Constantin Meyer

    I know the CEO of the company which manufactures the active suspension for the Valkyrie, they pay 250000€ just for it

  • Te karu Hayes
    Te karu Hayes 日 前

    Would be nice for a pure sound version without music, just the engine and exhaust sound please

  • Allen Saunders

    Astons new money partners don't seem to have the same vision for aston as aston themselves have. Not sure all this money will help aston. If these people are bean counters only

  • Andrew Watson
    Andrew Watson 日 前

    It looks nuts .... this and Gordon Murrays hypercar ... AMG F1 road car looking already in trouble.

  • Abror Akhmedov

    DEAR FRIENDS! Could you vote for us in red bull contest, please? We would be grateful!

  • GLR
    GLR 日 前


  • Zaheed Evans
    Zaheed Evans 日 前

    RBR - please listen to the feedback, it’s overwhelming, recut this without the irritating background music and let the magnificent V12 engine sound shine.

  • nettur39
    nettur39 日 前

    i'd love to see this driving in WEC

  • pumpkineater23

    Amazing car - terrible video.

  • j h
    j h 日 前


  • Michał Kisielewski

    Please, don't kill it

  • kartracer127
    kartracer127 日 前

    Sry. The question: ,,do you wanna Go in there and Start it?" Is the dumbest question ever. They are race driver. Dont ask just let them drive.

  • nk mm
    nk mm 日 前

    レッドブルよ来年から今までよりアストンマーティンとの関係が薄れてしまう...、それでもwecには出るように差し向けて欲しい...。 レッドブルの...、アストンマーティンのヴァルキリーがwecそして、ルマンを走る姿を世界中の人が楽しみにしているのだから...! 一年くらいの延期なら待ち続けるから...。

  • bentpressowner

    2:25 - no external door handles I assume....

  • Russelle Wannell

    This could be my new daily ………………………..not

  • 未来のスバリスト

    It's like this is a F1 machine!

  • Avengerie
    Avengerie 日 前

    0:46 me in the middle not knowing anything about cars:

  • Exxon Gaijin
    Exxon Gaijin 日 前

    *unfortunately aston martin drop the ball on this one, sorry no le mans*

  • George Rosebush

    There is rumor that they dropped out of the new hypercar WEC class, lame.

    • A C
      A C 日 前

      It’s no rumour it’s a reality. So sad.

  • lou kush
    lou kush 日 前

    redbull destroyed mclaren in f1, now they bodied them on road too.