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Sofie Dossi Reading Her Old Tweets
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  • MayaKhanVlogs
    MayaKhanVlogs 10 時間 前

    The brothers are the best people on this show

  • Danielle David
    Danielle David 10 時間 前

    I think it's Christian

  • Lisa Muchenurwa
    Lisa Muchenurwa 10 時間 前

    Why taylor👎🏽🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Keblyn Johnson
    Keblyn Johnson 10 時間 前


  • Frank Duran
    Frank Duran 10 時間 前

    Ok did anyone else notice what it is in the back of nezza’s dress

  • mellakya right
    mellakya right 10 時間 前

    whats wrong with spongebob?

  • Hailee Brie Lissette
    Hailee Brie Lissette 10 時間 前

    Brandon would be so pisssssed if he found out that they just ended up friends he’d be like she should have chosen me!!!!

  • Gabrielle Zimmerman
    Gabrielle Zimmerman 10 時間 前

    Sis the real slim shady

  • Manjaree Jayasinghe
    Manjaree Jayasinghe 10 時間 前

    Christian: sweetly makes french toast for everyone Everyone: he’s trying waaaaay too hard.... Um no he’s not, he’s the only guy who even tries to hang out with the twins!

  • Madhu Niveditha
    Madhu Niveditha 10 時間 前

    Why do I think Lexi H has a crush on Brent?? 🤔🤔

  • Gacha_tea
    Gacha_tea 11 時間 前

    I thought a was apartment

  • ava murtagh
    ava murtagh 11 時間 前

    team nessa

  • Polly Rowlatt
    Polly Rowlatt 11 時間 前


  • TiffyTaffyTiffany 17
    TiffyTaffyTiffany 17 11 時間 前

    I always am surprised when someone I know is on a tv show but....... RYAN is very,very surprising

  • ava murtagh
    ava murtagh 11 時間 前

    team nessa

  • Yaretzi Jimenez
    Yaretzi Jimenez 11 時間 前

    When I was watching the show when it just came out I was like " BRANDON IS NOT NICE TO ANYONE HES ONLY NICE WHEN YOUR AROUND" and what Alex told them that he was a player bc of the stuff he told him and roni but NOOOo she didn't listen

  • Lisa Muchenurwa
    Lisa Muchenurwa 11 時間 前

    Sin is creeping me out

  • Damaris Leon
    Damaris Leon 11 時間 前

    Im starting to like ally

  • Sevinch Irisbaeva
    Sevinch Irisbaeva 11 時間 前

    Omg i thought that he Alezart not Azelart its shocking

  • Joanne Omlo
    Joanne Omlo 11 時間 前

    Yaaaaaay I was right but I watched the merrel twins twin swap and Christian said hello my love or something

  • Cozy dawg22 Christmas
    Cozy dawg22 Christmas 11 時間 前

    What is your name on tik tok

  • alyssa newhouse
    alyssa newhouse 11 時間 前

    i think you should try and find love for a few of your fans now

  • Zaleaaa Reyes
    Zaleaaa Reyes 11 時間 前


  • Ryan pitre
    Ryan pitre 11 時間 前

    I also love Lexi she is beautiful and so is eva they are both beautiful

  • Ryan pitre
    Ryan pitre 11 時間 前

    I want to meet you guys I love you guys you guys are so cute together I go to Eva's videos then I would go to Brent's videos I wish I had merch

  • Kayla Abeyta
    Kayla Abeyta 11 時間 前

    Omg if it was me day one I would have know from the start I would have feel for Alex h.

  • Wixnce Tv
    Wixnce Tv 11 時間 前

    Damm Sam ugly asl😂😂

  • Nikzie eight
    Nikzie eight 11 時間 前

    Omg that is the dobre Brothers house

  • Madhu Niveditha
    Madhu Niveditha 11 時間 前

    I didn't like any of them... None of them even had cheekbones.. Brent is the prefect match

  • Tiffanys animations
    Tiffanys animations 11 時間 前

    No joke i want to try those drinks 😂 do be looking good

  • Melanie Xiong
    Melanie Xiong 11 時間 前


  • MayaKhanVlogs
    MayaKhanVlogs 11 時間 前

    Nezza and Dustin Or Nezza and vince And franny and ryan

  • Gracie Hyden
    Gracie Hyden 11 時間 前

    Yeah she got even but niki that was messed up

  • Olivia Faith
    Olivia Faith 11 時間 前

    Don’t u love how Joey said “oh idk if I wanna see my ex rn” instead of just saying idk if I wanna see Ally lol he didn’t wanna ruin the surprise 😂 PS:Lol Emily’s face 😂 she was so confused

  • Claunetta Rufus
    Claunetta Rufus 11 時間 前

    Roni always had some type of hairstyle and accessory and nessa just plane hoodie

  • Radia Amrin
    Radia Amrin 11 時間 前

    Nessa’s twin: RoNI Nessa’s BFF: FranNY Roni’s twin: NeSSA Roni’s BFF: NeZZA

  • x H e l l o x
    x H e l l o x 11 時間 前

    I low key hate Dennis

  • Rigoberto Espinoza
    Rigoberto Espinoza 11 時間 前

    Gabi is so extra

  • bubble bear
    bubble bear 11 時間 前

    " all the single ladies put ya claws up" -issa 2020

  • ruth ortiz
    ruth ortiz 11 時間 前

    I feel like Kenny always starts the drama and always rolls his eyes

  • Adrianna Gillette
    Adrianna Gillette 11 時間 前

    indiana: *laughing and talking* tayler: *laughing and talking* the lie detector man: 😒

  • Panda Bear
    Panda Bear 11 時間 前

    Me having a bad day next thing you know Sarah an Sean breakup oh my god my day went from bad to amazing Btw this is just a joke

  • Emily Nguyen
    Emily Nguyen 11 時間 前

    ummm did anyone notice the red mark on the side of Ryan at the beginning? holdddd up is that a hickey?

  • Damaris Leon
    Damaris Leon 11 時間 前

    Rio could’ve called her boyfriend to come pick her up!! But decided to go with that guy

  • Mathews Kailei
    Mathews Kailei 11 時間 前

    The brothers CRACK ME UP IN THE EPISODES im suppose to be sleep but im laughing so HARD 😂😂😂

  • Nataša Gomboc
    Nataša Gomboc 11 時間 前

    I hate Gabi

  • Chloe P
    Chloe P 11 時間 前

    The boys made me want to punch them in their faces 🙄🙄🙄

  • Madi B
    Madi B 11 時間 前

    Honestly I feel like their spoiled brats DUH OF COURSE THEY ARE.

  • Kimberly Sinclair
    Kimberly Sinclair 11 時間 前

    you guys should have Corey for season three

  • Izzy Leo
    Izzy Leo 11 時間 前

    I know a girl who ate raw onion for lunch

  • _.polyxeni. m
    _.polyxeni. m 11 時間 前

    Have nezza and franny on VS

  • danna
    danna 11 時間 前

    joey wtf .

  • Jynelle Mays
    Jynelle Mays 11 時間 前

    okay hear me out... season 3! either alex wasabi trying to find love, or veronica trying to find love!

  • Julia Goodwin
    Julia Goodwin 11 時間 前

    I love both Gabi and Nikki but like Gabi had an attack but Nikkis intension was to make her laugh but Gabi wanted to make her feel bad about the last prank

  • Anna Jimenez
    Anna Jimenez 11 時間 前

    Bennet with that ponytail and being extra was freaking hilarious 💀💀💀💀

  • James Allen
    James Allen 11 時間 前

    Why is it she has an accent with some stuff she says but other stuff sounds normal

  • TheLazyRoyal
    TheLazyRoyal 11 時間 前

    im scared.. :c

  • hannah snow
    hannah snow 11 時間 前

    Poor Roni

  • Roblox Gamer Kidz
    Roblox Gamer Kidz 11 時間 前


  • Sharanya Madan
    Sharanya Madan 11 時間 前

    I love the idea that Brent always does more than 1 thing n also does what he says!!!! His videos are so entertaining and fun to watch!!!!! Never stop making vidoes!!!!! U rock!!!! 💕💕

  • Cyber Punk
    Cyber Punk 12 時間 前

    I kinda wish IT was kj And camila

  • Jasmine Hareel
    Jasmine Hareel 12 時間 前

    Venessa was looking good So she won the challenge(its my opinion)

  • Gayane Markosyan
    Gayane Markosyan 12 時間 前

    I love the tiny spoon

  • Shyann Pullin
    Shyann Pullin 12 時間 前


  • j k
    j k 12 時間 前

    Ouu she gettin them free drinks

  • yoelina pichardo
    yoelina pichardo 12 時間 前

    Find love for veronica NOWWWWWW!!!!

  • Meryliz Roldos
    Meryliz Roldos 12 時間 前

    U guys are taking nikis side but honestly I’m with gabi bc niki should of thought it through like wait my sister has asma should I use something else and gabi was overreacted a little but wouldn’t you when there cameras in your face!!!

  • Zody Acorn
    Zody Acorn 12 時間 前

    Tim is nice do him

  • Maria Rios
    Maria Rios 12 時間 前

    Gabi coughs me covid-19 lol jk 🤪

  • That ghetto friend
    That ghetto friend 12 時間 前


  • Potato Tasty
    Potato Tasty 12 時間 前

    Omg my nail broke of OMG

  • jane santos
    jane santos 12 時間 前

    In the philipeans we have mopeds and we call it motor

  • Abrianna Smith
    Abrianna Smith 12 時間 前

    The shade from the customers though

  • Blossomx
    Blossomx 12 時間 前

    Gabi, that isn’t an asthma attack😩

  • jane santos
    jane santos 12 時間 前


  • jane santos
    jane santos 12 時間 前

    The two lexis and ben

  • Safi Safi 101
    Safi Safi 101 12 時間 前

    I feel like you guys should find love for veronica next in season 3 that would be super cool.

  • Timira Obomah
    Timira Obomah 12 時間 前

    The seven dwarves are from snow white

  • Elaina teach
    Elaina teach 12 時間 前

    The D bros 🤩

  • Ehpawsee Kunoo
    Ehpawsee Kunoo 12 時間 前

    One day they gonna be jealous of yous don’t worry

  • Wonder Narwhale
    Wonder Narwhale 12 時間 前

    Owner: "... Don't tell anyone it's 20 years-" This video being posted on TV-japan with 850k views.

  • Crystal Pena
    Crystal Pena 12 時間 前

    Honestly when niki said “she didn’t own up to the sunglasses” but when she said that at the restaurant she said she basically owned up to it and said that it was hers that came out of nikis mouth so yeah...

  • Sanarra Nuri
    Sanarra Nuri 12 時間 前

    Dude I was so glad she did not pick Brandon and picked christin

  • Kelly Liu
    Kelly Liu 12 時間 前

    I don't really like Conner, he is a bit weird haha

  • Alice wonderland
    Alice wonderland 12 時間 前


  • danna
    danna 12 時間 前

    i’ve been team ally since day one but it’s pissing me off how she broke joey n rio up n now she won’t get with joey. like where tf did dylan even come from ? she’s confusing n blaming it all on him when it’s her that cant decide what she wants either 😐.

  • Zack White
    Zack White 12 時間 前

    I love how I can just scroll through TV-japan, see an episode of reality tv, and be like, you know what? I’m gonna lose hope in humanity today.

  • Shiri Yehuda
    Shiri Yehuda 12 時間 前

    SONG AT 11:42?

  • Keelee Dunaway
    Keelee Dunaway 12 時間 前

    “ I know you can be sweet to her hand “

  • gucci tae
    gucci tae 12 時間 前

    why is everyone being so rude to lily. she has a reason to be upset. tati invited people she didn’t even know, they had a whole gc lily didn’t even know about tati made the list so lily has no idea. y’all never had anxiety & it shows. having so many people w people u don’t even know is a lot. the fact they have to pretend to be friends w strangers at the preparty for their sponsors sucks. they have names of people who they want to go but some friends don’t click w others. think about it. if you have a lot of friends not everyone is gonna be friends. so it is a hard decision to make. literally just let them be. you guys r so annoying. ur just jealous that they r successful at such a young age while ur here complaining over a screen doing nothing please

  • Josh Why
    Josh Why 12 時間 前

    Thanks now I know what the sway house is and who’s in it sway house looks better

  • Claire Faiers
    Claire Faiers 12 時間 前

    I feel bad for nezza because she keeps getting pulled by every guy I feel bad for Frannie because she isn’t really being payed attention to

  • Iman Suraya
    Iman Suraya 12 時間 前

    all this is painful to watch. the awkwardness sheesh