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Fantasy Focus Live! Week 15 preview
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  • InterMilton
    InterMilton 3 時間 前

    "Tannehill is doing great." While almost everyone doesn't mention D. Henry who are running through defenses week in and week out.

  • Jon Mack
    Jon Mack 3 時間 前

    Bud is a real one. Idc if hypes his fights up. In that actual RING, the kid is a beast

  • Vusal Muradov
    Vusal Muradov 3 時間 前


  • JR2K :_:
    JR2K :_: 3 時間 前

    Jalen looks different

  • Cornholio777
    Cornholio777 3 時間 前

    Woo woo offense


    Tyler herro and Duncan balling

  • Jon Bridge
    Jon Bridge 3 時間 前

    Windhorst so thicc

  • Blaine Gabbert
    Blaine Gabbert 3 時間 前

    Janoris Jenkins is garbage anyway

  • Luffy SkyWalker
    Luffy SkyWalker 3 時間 前

    Liam Neeson does like to run lol

  • Mike Pollak
    Mike Pollak 3 時間 前

    My last comment a lot, but was necessary and worth the read i think

  • Forest Forest
    Forest Forest 3 時間 前

    Stephen A Drip

  • Surf Surfing
    Surf Surfing 3 時間 前

    An indictment against Texans coach that this is even a question with a top 5 QB & WR....Against Tannehill......

  • Air Apparatus
    Air Apparatus 3 時間 前

    Kawhi made a decision to go back home. That's all he ever wanted. Unfairly treated by the spurs and media. Respected by the raptors and gave them a ring and 🏆 in return for their kindness. He completed his job. Now he's 😊.

  • rj nation
    rj nation 3 時間 前

    That black woman is beautiful 😍❤️.

  • Ali R
    Ali R 3 時間 前

    Definition of a players coach.. he clearly understands that this is not about him, it’s about the players

  • laidbacc9
    laidbacc9 3 時間 前

    Texans are too inconsistent in the playoffs! Titans are a pretty good under dogs

  • FN- 2187
    FN- 2187 3 時間 前

    The whole crew laughing at the Cowboys. Never smashed that 👍 so fast!😂😂

  • MasteR BlasteR
    MasteR BlasteR 3 時間 前

    Oh look its the petulant children network.

  • JTorres 17
    JTorres 17 3 時間 前

    I can’t with the dude with the lisp. His lip keep making an upside down Nike swoosh

  • Drew Wil
    Drew Wil 3 時間 前

    Bro is this man ever correct? The ravens all day over the 49ers cmon man!

  • Braden Floyd
    Braden Floyd 3 時間 前

    This list way better than that college football list

  • Omar Herrera
    Omar Herrera 3 時間 前

    It’s so good to be from Miami! Proud of the culture!

  • champagneDou
    champagneDou 3 時間 前

    As soon as someone hit a couple threes y’all start calling them the new Steph and klay

  • Arsene
    Arsene 3 時間 前

    Jimmy Butler's super star persona really pulled this team together. Love the Heat

  • Zenedean Duarte
    Zenedean Duarte 3 時間 前


  • joey badass
    joey badass 3 時間 前

    SAS changes his opinion every couple months

  • surajtrey5
    surajtrey5 3 時間 前

    “Those two white dudes...” Tyler Herro is already a top 20 shooter... if he continues improving and shooting over people he can’t arguably be the best shooter ever... IF HE ADVANCES THO. No promises but he’s already a star despite not getting crazy amount of minutes.

  • Kwash az
    Kwash az 3 時間 前

    Smh!! Aaron is aight & Lamar is a baaaadddd mannnn 😏

  • Michael Franklyn
    Michael Franklyn 3 時間 前

    No matter what this man does,Stephen A,won't give him any credit.what else is he to do for Stephen to give credit?...👀

  • Christopher Braley
    Christopher Braley 3 時間 前

    This whole situation is ridiculous. How far are the Giants going to sink?

  • Michael Mosley
    Michael Mosley 3 時間 前

    Titans beat the chiefs don't forget that... Titan Up💯💯💯

  • varsitytitan07
    varsitytitan07 3 時間 前

    Them guys embrace each other, the players and the coaches. That's why they having so much success, they work together like a family for real

  • wakawaka1976
    wakawaka1976 3 時間 前

    If you don’t got Tom you don’t have as many guys buying into the system. Sure you can hold the ship for one season like Matt Castle but had Brady not returned they wouldn’t have won another ring.

  • Chris Shanklin
    Chris Shanklin 3 時間 前

    So he fired him for calling someone retarded in a joking way

  • Musa Fawundu
    Musa Fawundu 3 時間 前

    The Bucs can beat anyone about as equally as they can win against anyone.

  • Markel Thomas
    Markel Thomas 3 時間 前

    “I put a middle finger emoji on it to remember to put it on my middle finger.”

  • Julian Janetzko
    Julian Janetzko 3 時間 前

    2:23 That has got to be one of the most beautiful plays I've ever seen.

  • Lionel Sanchez
    Lionel Sanchez 3 時間 前

    Everyone says wait till Aaron Rodgers gets hot and the Packers get going. We been waiting for like the last 9 years. Aaron Rodgers individually has been statistically great. But in the last couple years he hasn't been the same. He'll have great games but I don't see him as the most dangerous QB in the league anymore.

  • majornewb
    majornewb 3 時間 前

    SAS just cursed the Cowboys to a loss by picking them to win. The opposite of what SAS says will happen always happens

  • Leighton Harris
    Leighton Harris 3 時間 前

    Lol don’t take Stephen A seriously on football topics he shows his ignorance every week ... and even on basketball it’s iffy cuz he won’t stop blaming Gordon Hayward for Celtics last year

  • FMR393
    FMR393 3 時間 前

    anyone offended by this is retarded. free speech > PC culture

  • Adrian F
    Adrian F 3 時間 前

    Cotto gave Mayweather a better fight than Shane mosely. I'm picking mayweather over anybody except maybe prime roy jones

  • Sachez Malone
    Sachez Malone 3 時間 前

    Titans U Pink Panty Bihhhhhhh

  • Khoa Do
    Khoa Do 3 時間 前

    Protect this man at all cost 😂😭

  • Mckever Lewis
    Mckever Lewis 3 時間 前

    Rose Gold is waaaaaaaaay better and looks better too this mina girl sounds like she's trying too hard and reading a script not actually having love for the game.

  • Junior Moniz
    Junior Moniz 3 時間 前

    Why pacman do this man like that

  • Gahmliel Artison
    Gahmliel Artison 3 時間 前

    New Girl>>>>>>>>Molly

  • Jordan joseph
    Jordan joseph 3 時間 前

    🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️Stephen A is such a Hater

  • ZAIN Mohammad
    ZAIN Mohammad 3 時間 前

    Kendrick nunn

  • Joenel Saracho
    Joenel Saracho 3 時間 前

    When stephen a ask the question to bud : pac run from you Bud: crickets Max kellerman to the defense Please give me a clip of bud calling pacquiao out to fight him please from 2010 to 2015 please give me a clip of that.. He cant even answer stephen a's question So stfu bud..

  • David Houghton
    David Houghton 3 時間 前

    Heat Nation we back. 4th ring coming soon.

  • V. P
    V. P 3 時間 前

    They going home 1st round 😂

  • Cap Lives
    Cap Lives 3 時間 前

    If they can keep this team together. Don't be surprised if they win a title in the next 3 years. Or just add 1 more peice to the crew.

  • Gaither Joshua
    Gaither Joshua 3 時間 前

    “Do you think he’s just over it cause KD isn’t there?” Why is she in this show?!!!!!

  • Female Zvheer
    Female Zvheer 3 時間 前

    Crawford must fight canelo and ggg like pacman fighting cotto and margareto.

  • Egg
    Egg 3 時間 前

    It’s the milko

  • smvballer6
    smvballer6 3 時間 前

    Stop it! You were just not believing in him. Stop it smh

  • Bobby Bigby
    Bobby Bigby 3 時間 前

    Look at SaS seeing the future of the East Coast NBA!!!

  • Benjamin Fleurisme
    Benjamin Fleurisme 3 時間 前

    Max is right.

  • brian Lohse
    brian Lohse 3 時間 前

    This is a bit much Give the Guy a break.

    • Jetski Archi
      Jetski Archi 3 時間 前

      That's what everyone is saying about the Liberal PC Culture.

  • Kenneth Aponte
    Kenneth Aponte 3 時間 前

    They played against each other 33 times and Butler has the slight edge of 18 wins vs 17 wins for Lebron....... Just saying..she was super confident when she said that BUT 18 + 17 = 35. 2 games missing out of that equation.

  • Creek Water
    Creek Water 3 時間 前

    A topic not about the lakers or clippers????????????????

  • Edwin Melendez
    Edwin Melendez 3 時間 前

    i feel like they are using everything they get caught at as a distraction to do other things to win

  • dee essex
    dee essex 3 時間 前

    SAS your argument made absolutely no sense.

  • Low Down
    Low Down 3 時間 前

    This was nice

  • San Trez
    San Trez 3 時間 前

    Bruh I never seen so many raven supporters till this year , 90% of yall straight bandwagon fans

  • Jay Money
    Jay Money 3 時間 前

    I really wish there was some way for Collin Sexton to end up on this team.

  • Cesar Fadul
    Cesar Fadul 3 時間 前

    I said this on another post ; I'll say this here ; and I'll say this come playoff time.... the playoff are all about the road to the finals and if the heat find themselves playing the Sixers in the second round ; sayanara Philadelphia

  • king gotit
    king gotit 3 時間 前

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact tht nobody beat niners and saints or ravens

  • James Jones
    James Jones 3 時間 前

    49ers broadcaster calls Lamar Jackson the darkest person he ever seen on the field and there's understanding???

  • G.D Spiegel
    G.D Spiegel 3 時間 前

    they're just shoes..with colors and sh....Do i need more than three. what this talk about having a collection.. do They wear them or collect like cards. strange

  • Siluvian
    Siluvian 3 時間 前

    Nobody wants to play in NYC taxes alone kill your total pay. Unless you are a star and use it for endorsements it's not worth it.

  • Justin Brown
    Justin Brown 3 時間 前

    How you feel Cowboy fans?

  • Francis Kim
    Francis Kim 3 時間 前

    SAS says brotha but we know what he means

  • Mikematic91
    Mikematic91 3 時間 前

    Max: just google this stuff, First Take is more fun without Molly around.

  • Daniel Castro
    Daniel Castro 3 時間 前

    Exactly what I’ve been saying! Elliot been running dam good then you just don’t give him the ball the second half

  • Cesar Fadul
    Cesar Fadul 3 時間 前

    But if LA smokes them tonight ; the conversation will drop quick

  • sillyman tv
    sillyman tv 3 時間 前

    They ain’t do enough cocaine to yell with Irving

  • Ryan Anderson
    Ryan Anderson 3 時間 前

    Max dug himself a hole :P

  • naji rucker
    naji rucker 3 時間 前

    Cowboys got this if we leave it in dak hands they crazy picking against them in the balance of losing 4 straight

  • Bray Forte
    Bray Forte 3 時間 前

    The Giants could’ve suspended him a game or two and/or fined him. Cutting him, at least from a football standpoint, doesn’t make any sense.

  • Blue Jay
    Blue Jay 3 時間 前

    Hes looking to become the best quaterback ever.

  • Chayim Clark
    Chayim Clark 3 時間 前

    Herro, and Robinson are smooth with it too lol it comes easy. Herro got the ability to be the coldest American white man to touch the nba on the offensive end since bird, but with more style. He will be a 20 ppg player in no time.

  • Versus Network
    Versus Network 3 時間 前

    Jimmy nice but this dude isn’t a superstar. Let’s please stop treating him as such. He’s in the class with derozan

  • Noah de la Rosa
    Noah de la Rosa 3 時間 前

    Get this man off ESPN

  • Leonard Skipper
    Leonard Skipper 3 時間 前

    But Stephen A...the Jets have the seventh best defense in the league!! It doesn’t matter how stagnant the Jets offense is...that defense isn’t a joke.

  • Ricky Bobby
    Ricky Bobby 3 時間 前

    Tex Johnson would be proud

  • Aaron Porter Jr.
    Aaron Porter Jr. 3 時間 前

    Minnesota looked foolish giving up Butler. Before he got hurt that year they were a top 3 seed, and they haven’t made the playoffs since him.

  • Dave P
    Dave P 3 時間 前

    Stephen A: "Why did that pop into his head when he was calling the game?" ...umm because it was his innocent and accurate observation. Can anyone explain to me how basically describing camouflage is racially insensitive?

  • Stiltmans Stilt
    Stiltmans Stilt 3 時間 前

    Jenkins has been a punk . His apology was a total joke. And he's getting torched left and right. Screw Jenkins. I'm glad he's gone . He's a headache .

  • Rambo Assil
    Rambo Assil 3 時間 前

    Rachael can get it anytime no pulling out of that.

  • jdelgado216
    jdelgado216 3 時間 前

    The Heat has been balling the past seasons, they just needed a true star in their lineup

  • Mega Josh X
    Mega Josh X 3 時間 前

    I feel the Titans. They seem like they have the better overall team. Texans have higher premium players but idk if that is enough to hold off the Titans. They are coming

  • TippinMehLady
    TippinMehLady 3 時間 前

    We have a GM who’s mentally inept

  • GSHeverything _27
    GSHeverything _27 3 時間 前

    Why all of the sudden, ESPN is really talking about the heat SMH

  • Khalil Iz
    Khalil Iz 3 時間 前

    LOVE Troy, but our problem has not been GM

  • Kevin Burke
    Kevin Burke 3 時間 前

    This team is an utter disaster on the highest or in this case lowest level.

  • Brian Vinson
    Brian Vinson 3 時間 前

    Dude got traded he didnt choose Cleveland,

  • Cornholio777
    Cornholio777 3 時間 前

    Heat is no joke 🤔

  • Jordan Arill
    Jordan Arill 3 時間 前

    The thing about the heat is that they are a TEAM not a group of superstars or individuals