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Olivia Jade - Everyday Routine
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  • High Voice Royce
    High Voice Royce 10 分 前

    ROFL looks like you are being ordered to testify against your mom!! Better brush up on that rowing knowledge!!!!LMAO ... enjoy your makeup while you can!!

  • ᄋ ᄋ
    ᄋ ᄋ 25 分 前


  • Cherry Girl
    Cherry Girl 41 分 前

    The funniest thing about this video is that there's someone named Troy who's been defending Olivia in the comments ever since she uploaded this video It's funny because it looks like he's trying to get Olivia to notice him But sad at the same time because he WASTED almost a month playing a white knight 🤷 Troy you're a joke and I hope you see this 😂

  • life sucks
    life sucks 53 分 前

    HEY 'no i wont aknowledge the fact the half of TV-japan now only knows my Name cuz my parents fucked up and i am to rich and privileged to talk about it' HOW ARE U??

  • Patsy Kluting-Lucas

    Het girl looks like you might be going to court. Remember NO LIES tell the truth. Interesting family far too privileged and wants us to know they are above the law.

  • Blue Balls
    Blue Balls 時間 前


  • Mjl4237
    Mjl4237 時間 前

    2million subs/ 1.2+ million views. So who is the fool?

  • Noelle Polk
    Noelle Polk 時間 前

    She’s a real person. A human being. Don’t act like every single one of you would have done the same thing if you had the money. Why do people find pleasure in being mean behind a screen

  • Srinu Madadi
    Srinu Madadi 2 時間 前

    Fugly Ass

  • Moonlight Richards
    Moonlight Richards 2 時間 前

    White, rich and unapologetic. I wish I had empathy for you and your family, but your actions are revolting.

    • Troy
      Troy 2 時間 前

      Again seek mental help.

  • wade marsh
    wade marsh 2 時間 前

    I really hope you get a cell next to your mom because you were just as guilty as her when you posed for the picture

    • Troy
      Troy 2 時間 前

      She is not charged you idiot .

  • mrvg style
    mrvg style 3 時間 前

    Dear Olivia, This is my first time on your channel and I grew up watching your mom on TV, and I'm almost, as mature, age-wise, as your mom. Olivia, You need to take time off to be there for your parents and your sister. Their fate and yours is still unclear. You might just want to spend time with your family because that precious time can possibly be taken away from you. Chances are that you don't have a full grasp of what is going on right now. The point is, it is too soon for you to be on TV-japan. Your priorities should not be here, or on social media. It is too soon for people to forgive or forget the wrongdoings that have taken place. You cannot force that on them. Some may do so in time, while others may never do either. Your parents will, as a fact of life, not be around forever. What took place complicates matters further. You are young, and until people know the fate of your parents, will continue to pass judgment, and will do so for years. That's the reality. Please spend more time with your parents to discuss the possibilities of things that may happen this year, and the next few years. Plan your life accordingly. It's best to have some sort of plan, maybe even more than just A plan, more than just one plan depending on what can happen. Based on the comments on your recent vlogs, no one is listening but here to pass judgment, and poke fun. If you continue to let this happen, I can almost guarantee that you will be so traumatized, that it will affect your mental well-being. Take a break. Chances are, TV-japan isn't going anywhere for a long time. During that break, find ways to allow yourself to grow, and mature. I hope this bit of advice will be useful to you, and I wish you the best of luck. To those passing judgment, I, too, am upset by these very questionable circumstances. People make foolish, selfish mistakes, and some mistakes are bigger than others. Some mistakes are not forgivable or forgettable. With some, time will allow for it. Damage has been done here. I'm sure Olivia and her family have some grasp of that. This is a wait and see situation so, let's wait, and hopefully see where things go from here.

    • DonkeyKongGamerJr
      DonkeyKongGamerJr 2 時間 前

      This is a wait and see situation...their guilty....whats to see?🙄

  • Pearlie Grace
    Pearlie Grace 3 時間 前

    she looks like shes aged like ten years wow

  • Giovanni Modugno
    Giovanni Modugno 3 時間 前

    All these comments are too much. She did a terrible thing, no one’s saying she didn’t; but I think she suffered enough and boldly put herself out in the public again. I know being public means accepting both criticism and praise, but salty comments, written just to get a few likes, are just rude. They got caught for what they did, be the bigger person.

  • Bailey
    Bailey 3 時間 前

    honestly don’t ever see this scandal going away i feel like it will follow her forever

  • Darius
    Darius 5 時間 前

    Your mom ruined everything, now you have to testify against her and everyone is going to laugh at you. Why couldn’t she just leave you alone and let you do your thing? If she had just minded her own business and listened to you, this would never have happened. Booooooo

  • Samantha Deable
    Samantha Deable 6 時間 前

    I feel so bad for her she did something not right which was the influence of her parents you guys are no better by ripping her apart in the comments is so sad don’t watch if your gonna hate . She seems like a nice beautiful girl who mad a mistake there are other you tubers and people in the world that get less hate then this .think about this your favourite celebrity meets you and they are the kindest are you gonna tell them how rude you are ? hasn’t your mom ever told you treat people the way you wanted to be treated. stop hating non her so much what’s done is done and you can’t do anything about it being mean doesn’t help .Blame the parents not her she didn’t even want to go

  • Juan Ramirez
    Juan Ramirez 7 時間 前

    Wow you could literally see the 💩 coming out of her mouth.

  • 1776 Yankee Doodle
    1776 Yankee Doodle 9 時間 前

    I told you a month ago Jade, there's no way out of this but the Army. You're going to have to serve your country to fix this so you better start jogging and doing some push-ups. You're not going to be able to return to this until after you pass bootcamp. Be All You Can Be...Join the Army.

  • 1776 Yankee Doodle
    1776 Yankee Doodle 9 時間 前

    I told you a month ago Jade, there's no way out of this but the Army. You're going to have to serve your country to fix this so you better start jogging and doing some push-ups. Saving Private Jade!

  • gooch busta
    gooch busta 10 時間 前

    Normally I am against cancel culture but she is genuinely a terrible person that earned it.

  • yazmin xo
    yazmin xo 11 時間 前

    It’s been a year and she wants to move on and leave it in the past. Can haters just leave.

    • Roasted Toast
      Roasted Toast 5 時間 前

      Lol she was in on it she cheated her way to college that is disgraceful

  • Scotts Totz
    Scotts Totz 13 時間 前

    I can't find a single comment thats not made by a teenage girl older than 15 👀

  • Chirag Narayan
    Chirag Narayan 14 時間 前

    I wonder how she went from 1st grade to 2nd grade considering that her vocabulary mainly consists of the world ‘LIKE’. Smh

  • Paula De La Torre
    Paula De La Torre 14 時間 前

    dear olivia, delete your channel. xoxo gossip girl

  • Mad Love
    Mad Love 15 時間 前

    Why does she still have 1.95m subscribers?

  • kayla allen
    kayla allen 16 時間 前

    Honestly im the first one to say that people who abuse their privileges suck, BUT im gonna be honest when you grow up rich and your parents push for you to do something they want you to so im sure it is hard to say no. When you get used to having certain things threats of losing that life can be scary for anyone. So yes she did something wrong, but i am sure she regrets it. To forever punish her with meanness doesn't accomplish anything. She is dealing with her mother facing prison, losing all her sponsors etc and losing fans. Give the girl a break.

  • Terry Bradley
    Terry Bradley 16 時間 前

    “My battery is about to die” good. Now never charge it again and throw all your “TV-japanr” equipment away. You used your money and racial privilege to get a leg up in Systems that are already set up for you.

  • RumerWillisChin
    RumerWillisChin 16 時間 前

    Hell yeah! Just read She is going to have to testify if her mom and dad don’t plead guilty! Get that make up and outfit ready girl! LOL 😂 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Alexis Quick
    Alexis Quick 17 時間 前

    I won't ever have respect for someone like you. Ever. I can barely even pay for college, I have to take out loans after loans and max out credit cards to try to make my way through it. You will never have any idea what that's like, and to bribe your way through college is simply disgusting. You don't deserve an education.

    • Troy
      Troy 2 時間 前

      @Alexis Quick She is. she and TV-japan thanks you for your contribution.

    • Alexis Quick
      Alexis Quick 17 時間 前

      edit. Kinda sad that i clicked on this video and commented. shes probably making so much money from these comments.

  • Cloud Burst
    Cloud Burst 17 時間 前

    Get ready to take the stand girl. You can put all your YT skills to the test when you actually have to FACE SOMEONE when talking to them.

  • The Alpha Outset
    The Alpha Outset 21 時間 前

    You’re so privileged. You don’t deserve getting into usc, you didn’t even the grades for it

  • The Alpha Outset
    The Alpha Outset 21 時間 前

    Get out of here, ruining other people’s legitimate chances of getting into their dream school

  • Lauren Paige
    Lauren Paige 21 時間 前

    To the 52k who liked it and everyone watching her video, still gets her paid so.......

    • NN8 Miller
      NN8 Miller 21 時間 前

      Her parents have about 200.000.000 $,i don't think she cares about some youtube money.

  • Amy Flower
    Amy Flower 23 時間 前

    I feel bad about this whole situation, and I never EVER hate but you can just see how forced this video is.

  • Angie 01234567–
    Angie 01234567– 23 時間 前

    I’m happy your back❤️

  • Max Rapptor
    Max Rapptor 日 前

    Why don't you try with social work first, to show at least that you're a little sorry? But this seems narcissistic

  • marlena Orlowska

    U did not say anything that will show that u feel bad about all those lies !! U will not get any real people to support u if u don’t admit your mistakes!!! To who u even talk here?? Liar

  • Jessica Gameros

    When are you putting your lips on ? Or where are they ?

  • Ana Betancourt

    Post a new video!!!!!!!!!!

  • laCachanilla650

    Uhhh I’m like so privileged lol

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris 日 前

    Can’t watch this because I’ve to study to go to college some of us aren’t as rich

  • By Grace Through Faith

    Look, I'm all for compassion and growth. We have all done unethical things. But the point is, she needs to learn a lesson here. The system is so unfair, the rich can get away with anything... there must be more justice between the social classes... I think she (and anyone else who behaves like her) needs a reality check and to learn that other people are just as valuable as her. It's not in my interest to judge her, but if we just let her flaunt her expensive lifestyle on TV-japan again, she didn't learn enough from her mistakes...... just my opinion.

    • By Grace Through Faith
      By Grace Through Faith 9 時間 前

      @Chirag Narayan Oh thank you 😊🙏

    • Chirag Narayan
      Chirag Narayan 14 時間 前

      By Grace Through Faith that was a beautifully put comment,addressing all the issues without being in your face rude:)

  • sunflower squad

    what a stupid tutorial from a dumb lame girl

  • sunflower squad

    go away faker

  • Char Emily
    Char Emily 日 前

    Right. To those of you saying “she deserves it, the hate we give,” can you shut up? Yes, she may have known about what was happening but the ones who PAID were her parents. Get a grip. Move on. She’s trying to come back to TV-japan and you can tell SHE IS NOT READY!! Her voice is shaky and she’s being cautious. May I also add that she has lost weight and it’s noticeable. She is not happy atm and you can tell. People who give two craps can tell and the hate is not going to help her mental health. You can tell she’s moved out and she also cut off contact from her parents for a long whole and I’m not sure if she’s talking to them now but, is she’s uploading then she’s starting to feel better

  • Nelly González H

    Okay yes, her parents did the college bribing but have u realized that it has only gotten her more hype? More views? More money?. And every single comment (negative or positive) is getting her further and richer so if u truly wanna hurt her just stop commenting, liking and watching.

  • Nancy Fox
    Nancy Fox 日 前

    Sunscreen should be after all of your skincare, right before makeup. Just FYI.

  • Carmen favorite Morales

    Why do I feel she’s s talking as if she was was walking on eggshells

  • ERIN Jay
    ERIN Jay 日 前

    She is everything wrong with this narcissistic generation.

  • Wobble Bop
    Wobble Bop 日 前

    Where’s your new vlog? :(

  • Lizette Rodriguez

    I wonder how Jade wrote an essay for USC? She doesn’t speak bright enough for me.

  • Molly O'Mera
    Molly O'Mera 日 前

    literally want to print out the comments on this video and read them by the fire like a classic american novel

  • Gary Nitzberg
    Gary Nitzberg 日 前

    Let's face it Olivia, life throws you curve balls and you just have to learn how to turn lemons into lemonade. You must prove to the world that you are not just a entitled privileged brat. If I were you I would show the world I can rise to the occasion. On your own with your own money, enroll in a community college or trade school and get a degree. Who knows you just may not be the dummy everyone thinks you are ...

  • Sky Blue
    Sky Blue 日 前

    Girl, wtf are you doing here? Stop. No one wants you.

  • heyhey hey
    heyhey hey 日 前

    What's the next scam the family is working on? You should do a prison visit outfit

  • Sonia Siddiqui

    Umm why is she still posting videos she should save face

  • Rose Ban
    Rose Ban 日 前

    Came to dislike the video and like all the hate comments. Paused the video so she wouldn’t get any coin from me

  • Rose Ban
    Rose Ban 日 前

    How disgusting and privileged you are. Go fuck yourself.

    • Troy
      Troy 日 前

      You're disgusting with your filthy mouth. Troll off.

  • Coleção Nintendo

    i love your mun ! since secret admirer 80s

  • Who Da heck
    Who Da heck 日 前

    I really hated how some people defended her, glad to NOT see those comments because yeah she did face backlash but you do NOT know how hard other people and their parents sacrificed a lot for them/they’re child to get into college AND THEY DID IT THE RIGHT (lawful) WAY!

    • Troy
      Troy 22 時間 前

      @Max Rapptor The Supposedly crime wasn't committed now. If a 12 year old kid steals candy from a store, you can't charge for the crime when he or she is 20 because they are an adult. It doesn't work that way, how old are you? I feel like I am talking to a dumb kid.

    • Max Rapptor
      Max Rapptor 日 前

      @Troy but now she is 20!!!!!!! gosh face the facts

    • Troy
      Troy 日 前

      @Max Rapptor This happened when she was 16. The charges are bribery and wire fraud. She didn't bribe anyone and she didn't write checks. Just admitting it's your fault it's not going to change anything.

    • Max Rapptor
      Max Rapptor 日 前

      @Troy If I would be in her shoes, I would wait until the trial is over and second the fact that she is posting videos while her mums career got destroyed, is showing a lot about her character... Than I would try to convince the judge that it was my fault because I'm old enough to take responsibility and because this is what family is doing for each other, from the the point of law her parents wouldt be in that much trouble if she would take at least a little bit responsibility. AT least I would try everything to get my mums job back, so I would try everything to make the image of the family at least a little bit better, like social work??? Because this is what normal non narcissistic people are doing, no matter rich or not

    • Troy
      Troy 日 前

      @Max Rapptor It's rich people being rich. I'm sure if you and I were in her shoes we would be the same way or not. Of course I don't you to admit to it.

  • Vicki Smith
    Vicki Smith 日 前

    Really pretty.. 😄Thanks for tips and tricks... Stay strong and carry on... 😄❤️🙏🏼

  • Jenn
    Jenn 日 前

    Am I the only one who got really into her makeup tips? I was like, “OK, what is the short cut for making the wing with the flat or angled brush?” Lol

  • Robert Harmon
    Robert Harmon 日 前


  • Andy Jubinha
    Andy Jubinha 日 前

    She is clearly unconfortable....and lost a lot of weight too! The beauty she used to have is gone. I think All the stress around took the best of Hër.

  • FitGirlMiz Mental Detox

    Why is her cheating a*** still making videos? Nobody cares about what you do!

  • Gaby P
    Gaby P 日 前

    fuck you

    • Gaby P
      Gaby P 日 前

      jacove sm porky lmao

    • jacove sm
      jacove sm 日 前

      Porky deleted my comment because I hurt her feelings lol.

  • Kailie Dean
    Kailie Dean 2 日 前

    Those colors do not match your skin! And you still look like a carrot... that doesn’t know how to row.

  • Azka Alam
    Azka Alam 2 日 前

    She said in her previous video that youtube helps her feel complete, just let her be

  • Kailie Dean
    Kailie Dean 2 日 前

    Everyone said she lost weight... it’s just a tan.

  • Kailie Dean
    Kailie Dean 2 日 前

    There’s privileged and there’s OVER privileged ... homegirl is OVER privileged!!!! Super boring video too.

  • Kailie Dean
    Kailie Dean 2 日 前

    But girl... nobody wants you back. Selfish AF! How do you not see how wrong this is!? Everyone else does!

  • Dakota Hutchinson

    You dont need makeup.. you are drop dead gorgeous in my book without it

  • Dakota Hutchinson

    Dont care. I'd still marry her so fast.

  • Super Nadine
    Super Nadine 2 日 前

    Just stop

  • Umang Jain
    Umang Jain 2 日 前

    See is scared of the comments, because she knows people are gonna thrash her rich ass..... just feel for those 2 kids, whom you and your sister took college seats of.

    • Troy
      Troy 日 前

      What a Gay looking guy you are, no wonder you hate women lol.

  • Umang Jain
    Umang Jain 2 日 前

    Rich people problem... I just feel for those 2 kids, whom you and your sister took college seats of.

    • Richie Richardson
      Richie Richardson 2 日 前

      Dr Dre donated $70 million to USC so his daughter would be accepted as a student. Since Dr Dre and his daughter did not make public her GPA,ACT and SAT test scores she probably lacked the academic achievements to be admitted as a student on her own merit. That means Dr Dre's daughter took a place away from a student that earned their academic achievements to be a student at USC. All of the elite universities involved in the college admission consulting scandal are required by affirmative action to admit minority students that lack the academic achievements to be addmited on their own academic achievements. Also 40% of college students that obtain a college degree find employment that doesn't require the college degree that got from attending college.


    She should be ashamed


    No remorse




    College student suffer because of people like you


    Silver spoon

  • Luis Bravo
    Luis Bravo 2 日 前

    From behind a glass window “you ruined my TV-japan career, mother!”

  • Luis Bravo
    Luis Bravo 2 日 前

    Hey Olivia, there are other makeup youtubers who are self created and have come from nothing and actually worked hard to get where they are. You have nothing on them and that’s comforting to know.

  • chilo31416
    chilo31416 2 日 前

    This comment section is full of hate. This person is only 20 years old and really did not do anything terribly wrong. She was lucky enough to be born into a wealthy family and all parents try to get their kids into good schools. It looks like she just wants to make some harmless makeup videos and people are freaking out. Bullying some girl on the internet is much worse than anything that she has done.

  • S La
    S La 2 日 前

    Privileged but loveable vain vain vain girl.

  • spideylover
    spideylover 2 日 前

    Delete your account.

  • Peter Mendoza
    Peter Mendoza 2 日 前

    I know I’m late to the party. Is this the girl who bribed her way by faking as an athlete??? Her name was mentioned all over the news here

  • Katara Shippuden
    Katara Shippuden 2 日 前

    This is gonna sound weird but does anyone know where she got that top from ?

  • Fedor Speztna
    Fedor Speztna 2 日 前

    Oblivious Jade, future porn star

    • Richie Richardson
      Richie Richardson 2 日 前

      Can you recommend your agent ? Opps I forgot your agent only represents gay porn actors.

  • Aaria Lucy
    Aaria Lucy 2 日 前


    EVAN ORTIZ 2 日 前


  • Beau Thurman
    Beau Thurman 2 日 前

    She couldn't make it in junior college. She sounds like an idiot.

  • Warriors Fan
    Warriors Fan 2 日 前

    Olivia Jade please make another video my sweet love.😘😘😘😘😘 You look so very beautiful in your latest Instagram photos. I am praying for you and your precious family everyday Olivia Jade.💗💗💗💗💗 tv-japan.net/vid/kpqnoJqsn22agdE/bideo.html

  • Aurora Engineering Innovations

    Correction, now 1.95 million fans and growing.

  • Aurora Engineering Innovations

    Glad your back Olivia. Don't give up. Now its funny when I look at all the haters on the comments when they have just got done smoking their joints and then comment, but you still have over a million subscribers. You still have 1.94 million fans.

  • paul
    paul 2 日 前

    Umm.. why is she and her sister not going to jail. They knew what was going on, they took photos to make them look like rowers, that's criminal, even if the photos were never used. JAIL !!!!!!!!!!JAIL!!!!!!!!!!! JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!! JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't wanna hear these people that you shouldn't put them down, they have had it easy there whole life. Wonder what she would do if all that money disappeared.

    • Richie Richardson
      Richie Richardson 11 時間 前

      @paul All of the parents involved in the college admission scandal paid the mastermind of the scandal William Rick Singer for his services. Singer then paid off the bribed university athletic directors and athletic coaches that worked at the elite universities involved in the college admission scandal. No way to know what the parents and their children aka students involved in the college admission scandal knew and when they knew anything might be wrong. Singer had 3 legally licensed college admission consulting businesses since 1992. Singer was a smooth talking con artist that convinced all of the athletic directors and athletic coaches involved in the scandal to take bribes for have students admitted as athletic recruits. All of the universities involved in the college admission scandal have programs that allow students to be admitted as athletic recruits with no previous experience of participating in the sport they apply to be an athletic recruit. Also all of the elite universities involved in the college admission consulting scandal are required to accept minority students that are lacking the high GPA, ACT and SAT tests scores to earn their way to be admitted as a student on their own merit. I don't see comments about people complaining about Dr Dre donating $70 million to USC so his daughter could be admitted as a student. Dr Dre and his daughter never made public her GPA ,ACT and SAT test scores. Dr Dre's daughter probably didn't earn way to be a student at USC.

    • paul
      paul 11 時間 前

      @Richie Richardson well it's bullcrap cause there's no way at least some of them didn't know what was going on. Especially this girl. It's cause she's white and her family is rich

    • Richie Richardson
      Richie Richardson 2 日 前

      None of the students involved with the college admission scandal have been charged with any crime.

  • I have no name
    I have no name 2 日 前

    Ooft I feel to poor to watch this

  • tenderheart62
    tenderheart62 2 日 前

    Looks like she nervously tries to row on a 1 inch thick layer of make-up.

  • Chris
    Chris 2 日 前

    What kind of foundation goes well with an orange jumpsuit? Asking for a friend.