questionable rainbow six siege...

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  • Marley
    Marley  ヶ月 前 +719

    GAMERS my YouTooz is finally AVAILABLE TO ORDER!!! If you want a mini me sat on your desk, please head over to and order it! It's a great way to support the channel and they'll never be released again.

    • ACM Fábio
      ACM Fábio 21 時間 前

      I would love to, but I can't

    • ACM Fábio
      ACM Fábio 21 時間 前

      10:10 Bro that guy is portuguese just like me and he was saying bad words 🤣

    • Kieran Ingram
      Kieran Ingram 9 日 前

      I have three

    • Trevor Bright
      Trevor Bright 9 日 前

      Marley I bout your youtooz 2 weeks ago but I still have not got it. Do you no why?

    • Dylan Galindo
      Dylan Galindo 10 日 前

      Noooo wanted one but I only started watching you a month ago :(

  • ching Chong 100
    ching Chong 100 日 前

    4 seconds in and we got a 1 tap

  • Sans
    Sans 3 日 前

    im seeing you get all these headshots like it's nothing and I have a question, what kind of hardcore aim trainer do you use?

  • Erick Knows
    Erick Knows 4 日 前

    What’s the song at the outro

  • Hanif Irsyad
    Hanif Irsyad 5 日 前

    outro song?? someone know?

  • Eszter Aracsi
    Eszter Aracsi 6 日 前

    Onlie pistols game

  • Momo Cavus
    Momo Cavus 7 日 前

    LAZYxDREAMS 7 日 前

    Wot wot MATE

  • waypoint patroller
    waypoint patroller 7 日 前

    Marley: *uses Juan and mp5 alot*

    Me: sothe best combo would be mp5 and Juan!?!?!

  • Black BIRD
    Black BIRD 7 日 前

    0:06 Best laugh xddddd

  • Jmanzz Wxrld
    Jmanzz Wxrld 7 日 前

    Dom took ace

  • Casey Matthews
    Casey Matthews 7 日 前

    How cant you take your girlfriend out?
    Shes a car!

  • Aidan Smith
    Aidan Smith 7 日 前 +1

    What's that out to music though? That music is vibing...

  • Miggies
    Miggies 8 日 前

    I wanna see dom hit a one tap

  • FierCe_RefleX
    FierCe_RefleX 8 日 前

    *Marley starting to sing* us all knowing what’s about to go down

  • Kieran Ingram
    Kieran Ingram 9 日 前

    Do u have aim bot or your aim is very very lucky or your very goood and how do u have sim like that

  • pinguim voador
    pinguim voador 9 日 前

    Nobody: ........

  • Mandy Rogers
    Mandy Rogers 10 日 前

    are you coming out with merch other than the youtooz

  • Dom Romero
    Dom Romero 10 日 前

    They were so proud of that trap kill

  • The Burk3y
    The Burk3y 11 日 前

    7:14 "quite insulting"
    "But is it inpeppering"

  • Smithy goes To hell
    Smithy goes To hell 11 日 前 +1

    Random guy: POKEMON

  • Chris Ott
    Chris Ott 12 日 前

    8:12 it was dom who stole the ace.

  • Reee kid Reee jid
    Reee kid Reee jid 12 日 前

    6:51 bruh he hit us with dat all might laugh

  • Andrew Pascucci
    Andrew Pascucci 13 日 前

    Marley’s pointer finger is on crack 🤣

  • Terraaw
    Terraaw 13 日 前

    K im new to marley's youtube. Is he Australian or British?

  • Atulya Baral
    Atulya Baral 13 日 前

    10:00 are we playing rainbow, or sonic?

  • Negative Wolf
    Negative Wolf 15 日 前

    Outro song please?

  • Angel Estrada
    Angel Estrada 15 日 前

    Marley-" cause we are a team people watch us for a team"
    Dom-"YEA WELL YOU just got me killed

  • Julio Beltrán Vega
    Julio Beltrán Vega 16 日 前

    You are SUPER PRO!!!!

  • It’s PDK_CoNFuSiOn

    outro song?

  • Christopher Parker
    Christopher Parker 17 日 前

    What’s the name of the outro song in this video?

  • Alex Garmon
    Alex Garmon 18 日 前

    You should do a video of u playing on Xbox

  • Shadow The Dubstep Wolf

    1:53 fuckin crispy asf

  • aimless_james
    aimless_james 18 日 前

    I want one of your youtooz but there sold out and im broke 😥

  • Gaming Family
    Gaming Family 18 日 前 +1

    8:24 Hold up aimbot lol marley teach me da wae

    • Eyjax
      Eyjax 11 日 前

      Yeah it looks like the bullet curved or some thing

  • Thomas Blake
    Thomas Blake 19 日 前

    I tried this once...

    Now mira hates me

  • Johnathanian Kurtolini

    Sold out so fucking quick

  • raheel 17
    raheel 17 19 日 前

    The youtooz are out of stock will u be releasing any more

  • João Leitão
    João Leitão 19 日 前

    MitraDoPorto hahah :')

  • Jabril Mahamud
    Jabril Mahamud 19 日 前

    You should start selling the bandana

  • Julian Haggard
    Julian Haggard 20 日 前

    The invisible mira thing has to be some sort of psychological trick, like the player is looking for something moving and shaped like an operator. Them concentrating on that makes them subconsciously block out the mira w/ window

  • Raheem Briggs
    Raheem Briggs 20 日 前

    6:15 faze sway is that you

  • justin ferreira
    justin ferreira 20 日 前

    Poor blackbeard 4:48

  • YvXFeorth
    YvXFeorth 20 日 前

    I actually sent him a video of me kicking it across the field

  • Black Screen
    Black Screen 21 日 前

    Game devs: take this game seriously and NO one shots

  • Daffygoodfeller Sparkulece

    Roses are red My ex is a whore I can’t buy the Youtooz because I’m poor

  • Radhiya Satya
    Radhiya Satya 21 日 前

    What’s your outro song?

  • Radhiya Satya
    Radhiya Satya 21 日 前

    What’s your outro song?

    SAMARTINSKI 21 日 前


  • Kaden Hoskins
    Kaden Hoskins 21 日 前

    1:54 has me dying

  • Save the Turtles
    Save the Turtles 22 日 前

    How old are you

  • obester
    obester 22 日 前


  • Xd Terrorizer
    Xd Terrorizer 22 日 前

    I missed the youtooz no😭

  • Aodhan2007
    Aodhan2007 22 日 前

    I'll get one if you give me the money

  • LionscorPgaming
    LionscorPgaming 22 日 前 +1

    Marley what are your settings

  • SirSunBro
    SirSunBro 23 日 前

    I honestly really enjoy these vids, they genuinely put a smile on my face :)

  • The Goji Empire
    The Goji Empire 23 日 前

    Mate your Youtooz is sold out man and I Need one of those

  • James Tadeo
    James Tadeo 23 日 前

    Title of the outro?

  • Jamie Callaghan
    Jamie Callaghan 23 日 前

    Y don’t u have Juan for ur pistol for ur youtooz

  • Ikadabobwae
    Ikadabobwae 23 日 前

    Feels like I’m watching the same video just different settings

  • Erik Cruz
    Erik Cruz 23 日 前

    You need to play with CrispySlap again

  • _ vanosalek_
    _ vanosalek_ 23 日 前

    Thank you marley I have been getting good at pistol flicks to the head because of your channel even know my r2 is broken

  • Ghost yeet
    Ghost yeet 23 日 前

    I got my first ace!

  • Shahzeb Syed
    Shahzeb Syed 23 日 前

    Why do u not use caviera

  • DeVontae’s Moments
    DeVontae’s Moments 23 日 前 +2

    When the world needed him the most, he vanished...

  • Alex Cornelio
    Alex Cornelio 23 日 前

    Are you starting to play on Xbox?

  • FNAF Gamers
    FNAF Gamers 23 日 前

    7:37, custard "AHHHHHHH"

  • Raven Shaw
    Raven Shaw 23 日 前

    Where are u marley we misssssss u

  • Aice
    Aice 24 日 前

    bruv 3 weaks no vids

  • J.T The Greatest
    J.T The Greatest 24 日 前

    Can u post

  • Zaydan HD
    Zaydan HD 24 日 前

    Marley and custard and dom should play with McNasty and raccoon eggs

  • Lil_ Memester
    Lil_ Memester 24 日 前

    Upload meaty 🙁

  • YeahBoiMMA
    YeahBoiMMA 24 日 前

    Can somebody tell me that one place/app where you can find people to play with

  • Pippo V
    Pippo V 24 日 前

    It’s been 3 weeks, marley hasn’t uploaded yet..

  • Swirly_ SphinX
    Swirly_ SphinX 24 日 前

    marleys slacking

  • Vampire Queen
    Vampire Queen 24 日 前

    marley it has been 3 weeks since your last vid

  • Squishy Meat Ball
    Squishy Meat Ball 24 日 前

    Why there no new vids ITS BEEN 3 WEEKS IM WORRIED... HELP MEH!

  • Leah Miller
    Leah Miller 24 日 前

    Marley how close is the Corona Virus and Are you ok

  • Smithy goes To hell
    Smithy goes To hell 24 日 前 +6

    Me: watching Marley bean kids
    Marley: Who Stole the ace!!!

  • Smithy goes To hell
    Smithy goes To hell 24 日 前 +1

    Marley you are my favorite youtubers because you are such as huge inspiration to me my entire life. Your positivity and hilarious videos make my day. Every single day I live I am always just so excited to see if you uploaded. Keep up the good work and remember. We Love To See It. Thank you Marley for everything
    Thank you.