Hajime Becomes a Papa | Arifureta

  • に公開 2019/09/25
  • Anime: Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou
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  • Rayuse
    Rayuse  3 ヶ月 前 +309

    Hey, guys I just recently started a discord server if you would like to feel free to check it out discord.gg/qrbJP74 and feel free to send me a message. Let us build a great community together! Also, thank you for the amazing support I never expected to get so many views I really appreciate it.

    • John Doe
      John Doe ヶ月 前

      All lolicons are pedophiles and will be hunted down as such.

    • Z80Man
      Z80Man 2 ヶ月 前

      @Iron Duke "Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest".
      They were lazy on this one, and probably thought the same way you are, since they most probably added "arifureta" in front of the English title so you can still find it when Googling it, I guess...
      Though it litterally results in repeating "commonplace" ! LOL

    • Iron Duke
      Iron Duke 2 ヶ月 前

      Do you guys know the name in English? It's long and kinda hard to type out everytime I look for it

  • dareka0v0san
    dareka0v0san 時間 前 +1

    i like how he erased the whole gang for her

  • Christine Perez
    Christine Perez 8 時間 前

    "Her name's Yue. She's my lover."
    Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Marcvitex Alejo
    Marcvitex Alejo 2 日 前

    Hajime just *casually* annihilating the entire underground slave trade

  • tyler hilpisch
    tyler hilpisch 2 日 前

    From what I can tell, this series is neither better or worst than SAO, it’s just a different type of cringe.

  • Yes
    Yes 3 日 前

    I got to see anime panties

  • ヘス
    ヘス 3 日 前 +1

    2:17 White…

  • Susmita Alam
    Susmita Alam 4 日 前

    thats why i hate these type of shits most commonly LOVE , BRUH fuck that girl

  • Edi Maulana
    Edi Maulana 4 日 前

    4:45 😏

  • Anti FBI
    Anti FBI 5 日 前

    Myu : I have only mama but I want Papa too
    Hajime : You need an adult for that
    Hajime : *Confusing scream

  • RememberNovember
    RememberNovember 5 日 前 +2

    "Do you hate me?" It doesn't matter who you are, that'll crack any stone heart.

  • kimani hyman
    kimani hyman 6 日 前

    This little girl reminds of some baby in roblox asking me to adopt her
    By the way I hate roblox babies

  • Riven Bellmont
    Riven Bellmont 7 日 前

    2:04 well here I go killing again

  • Aleksander Jhon gomes florentino

    Eis que da noite pro dia vc vira pai contra sua vontade.
    E uma linda menina papai do ano.

  • flamowlX
    flamowlX 8 日 前

    terrorist dads: 3:22

  • Max Schager
    Max Schager 9 日 前

    If this doesn't get a second season iama be pissed.

  • yeastori
    yeastori 9 日 前 +2

    This man lives by the doctrine of “Pledging to protect”

  • Sñøw Ķūñ
    Sñøw Ķūñ 10 日 前

    hahah i died of Laught from this Ep

  • Nini sablan
    Nini sablan 10 日 前

    I'm really annoyed of that little girl -_-😶😐

  • maharrdika s
    maharrdika s 10 日 前

    Stop making me be a pedhophile please

  • Otaku-chin
    Otaku-chin 10 日 前

    Myu: Onii-chan!
    Translator: Big bro!
    Me: **TRIGGERS**

    • Otaku-chin
      Otaku-chin 5 日 前

      @Shirø goetgjsjtallrpa XDDDD

    • Shirø goetgjsjtallrpa
      Shirø goetgjsjtallrpa 6 日 前 +1

      Bruh, what they did at the German subs... THEY MOTHERFUCKING TRANSLATED ONII-CHAN AS UNCLE...I MEAN WTF

  • Tommy C
    Tommy C 10 日 前


  • Imre Orsós
    Imre Orsós 10 日 前

    This is not even funny

  • Norman Feetus
    Norman Feetus 11 日 前

    Guess Myu mom is instantly goes right into the harem

  • Sinz XTons
    Sinz XTons 11 日 前

    I forgot why i stopped watching this

  • Michał Lińczuk
    Michał Lińczuk 11 日 前

    Most harem protag. - lets spare them even though they are bad guys death is too cruel
    Hajime: Well no but actually FUCK NO !

  • Danix Xtreme
    Danix Xtreme 12 日 前 +1

    Sugar Daddy :v

  • dotdotdot dotdotdot
    dotdotdot dotdotdot 12 日 前

    Myu looks strangely familiar to Reset in the Rance series.

    WU KONG 12 日 前

    if your truly wanted to kill someone
    shoot them in the head

  • Pyromancer
    Pyromancer 12 日 前

    Nice and WET

  • Diego Da Martian
    Diego Da Martian 12 日 前

    How do you say arifureta name in english yo

  • phoenix t
    phoenix t 13 日 前 +1

    tiz anime suckz

  • 아렌비나
    아렌비나 13 日 前

    애니 제목이 무엇인가요

  • ・パーにゃ
    ・パーにゃ 13 日 前


  • Venci Nacario
    Venci Nacario 14 日 前

    I don’t mind if she calls me papa out of the blue.

  • Anime
    Anime 14 日 前

    Is there season 2 coming soon?

  • James White
    James White 14 日 前

    Object relating to video 1: Does thing
    Object relating to video 2: Responds in comedic manner

    I now should objectively get top comment due to my originality and creative comedic genius.
    Upvote now.

  • Ral Megalen
    Ral Megalen 14 日 前

    Skipped the procreation part and became a papa. Wholesome indeed.

  • Mikey Vang
    Mikey Vang 14 日 前

    Thia reminds me of sword art online when kirito and asuna find yui in the woods

  • Di Shing
    Di Shing 14 日 前

    Me: Hah! You're an MC. There is no way you are gonna kill hi-
    Hajime: 2:47
    Me: Aight you made you're point

  • BlurFace
    BlurFace 15 日 前


  • Da Sword Of Gork
    Da Sword Of Gork 15 日 前 +1

    God I’d feel sorry for the poor guy who has to date the mermaid when she grows up.

  • videoseeker117
    videoseeker117 16 日 前

    Am I the only one who wish hajime have rubber gun to stop thot from their wild fantasies?

  • triono 01
    triono 01 16 日 前 +1

    Yo Hajime ,welcome to our squad "loli protector"

  • Kawaii SpFire
    Kawaii SpFire 17 日 前

    A good man always protecc a loli

  • shadow raiden23
    shadow raiden23 17 日 前


  • Sethan Yiee
    Sethan Yiee 17 日 前

    Tittle ser

  • ElZamo92
    ElZamo92 17 日 前

    The source material was so metal... they nerfed the violence a bit too much...

  • _銀Argentum
    _銀Argentum 18 日 前

    Cringey as fuck and the cg is terrible but i love its badness

  • DI 05
    DI 05 18 日 前 +1

    4:44 *I W A N T A B A B Y*

  • Jay Coleman
    Jay Coleman 18 日 前

    While in the background music : X gonna give it to ya!!

  • ToxicRecPUBG
    ToxicRecPUBG 18 日 前 +1

    0:43 pause it there and Do what it looks like it looks like a loli doing a u know "( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)" cheng cheng...

  • Qillaq Johansen
    Qillaq Johansen 18 日 前

    Maybe they become family

    BOC KENNEN 18 日 前

    I imagine hajime meets his Miyuu's farther and they have a fight.
    Myuu's farther: you are not her farther. I'M AM
    Hajime: you may be her farther
    But you are not her daddy

  • Nadiyah Gooden
    Nadiyah Gooden 18 日 前

    Where can I watch this at

  • 只會往前
    只會往前 18 日 前


  • Soap
    Soap 18 日 前

    Her screams, I’m crying I can’t-


  • Asbestos Fish
    Asbestos Fish 19 日 前

    That is the single edgiest fucking character design I have ever seen.

  • daniel Ocean Smith
    daniel Ocean Smith 19 日 前

    Yeah I’d never be able to say no to that face once she said she didn’t have a father.
    Especially with that many thirsty women who invariably would want to take her in regardless of my wishes

  • Kin
    Kin 19 日 前

    I'd shoot people in the face for her too man.