〈ENG-Sub〉峠バトル!! 新型NSX vs. ドリキンNSX-R【Hot-Version】2017

  • 〈ENG-Sub〉峠バトル!! 新型NSX vs. ドリキンNSX-R【Hot-Version】2017
    HONDA NSX 2017
    DRIVER 土屋圭市 / Keiichi Tsuchiya  織戸学 / MAX Orido
         谷口信輝 / Nobuteru Taniguchi
    STAGE:群馬サイクルセンター / Gunsai
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  • S S
    S S 7 時間 前


  • SpoolWorks - Media
    SpoolWorks - Media 13 時間 前

    Those new cars just doesn't match with the touge....

  • Yantra Tantra
    Yantra Tantra 13 時間 前


  • Aアッキー
    Aアッキー 日 前


  • Bersilus
    Bersilus 日 前

    Prefer the 2 older NSX. Iconic. The new one is just chonky boi

  • Puppy Punter
    Puppy Punter 日 前

    Old nsx is the car I would have, but the new one is way better looking

  • 焼鳥の人
    焼鳥の人 日 前


  • Ckryse S
    Ckryse S 日 前

    Whenever i will complete my garage collection, its my dream to test drive all my cars for blessing by these three legends!! Garage testing will have atleast one vintage V12, NSX(sequential, stripped interior and juiced up from all aspects) and a wildly mad dodge challenger by Gooichi motors!! I will feel like my cars are blessed!!

  • Dabrovata
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  • T. J. Tran
    T. J. Tran 日 前


  • ウルトラマンセブン


  • Pete Z
    Pete Z 日 前

    this is such a treat to watch, old nsx all the way baby!

  • Red Scorpion
    Red Scorpion 日 前


  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 日 前 +1

    There is little driving involvement and NO driving feel in the new NSX. It is totally numb. You try and make it do something and the computers instantly take your driving inputs and alter them. This filter is always there and there is no shutting it off.
    The new car is the antithesis of the old one which was designed to be a DRIVERS car emphasizing driving purity...
    The new NSX is a mistake. Its' design philosophy is completely at odds with that of its widely acclaimed predecessor..
    Honda really blew it with this one. This car should have been designed entirely in Japan by people who were passionate about the first NSX and what it was all about.

  • resurrexi
    resurrexi 日 前

    NSX-R all the way!

  • Kavinda Jayawickrema

    Pretty impressive of the new nsx with all that weight to only be that much slower than a stripped out type r!!

  • Hawk Studios Gaming

    3:25 Galaxy by Trip40. Of all the places, here?

  • enigmaPL
    enigmaPL 日 前

    Electronic steering = Garbage.
    Electronic operated brakes = Garbage.
    Electronic throttle = Garbage.
    Modern cars are a DOWNGRADE compared to stuff just 10-15 years ago.

  • Johnson Mac
    Johnson Mac 日 前

    The narration is on par with the intros from Michael and Bruce Buffer

  • k3ntris
    k3ntris 日 前

    New NSX is for people with more money than skill. Like with most supercars with their computer wizardry which does most of the hard work (some I actually do welcome) but they lose the spirit of the car. Much prefer the older mechanical workings of the 90s-2000s. You feel more connected with the car.

  • 明日は明日の風まかせby Yanagi

    このレベルの方々が「電子制御が~」とか「違和感が~」とか言ってますが、この車を買える人がどう感じるか!?ですよね。旧型で新型より速いタイムを出せる...そんな激レアな人はこの車を買わないしw メーカーも売る責任があり購入者を想定してるでしょうから。 僕がもし買えるだけのお金があったら絶対に新型ですね。ステア切ってよく曲がり、アクセル踏んだら激っ速。スライドは電子制御でカバーしてくれ、極め付けは新旧どちらに乗っても限界付近にすら到達出来ないただのドライブ好きですからw

  • Lord Rothenburg
    Lord Rothenburg 日 前

    The old one is spirit of Japan.
    The new one more an tasteless U.S. and A.

  • Mobb Legacy
    Mobb Legacy 2 日 前

    HONDA=Another Level of Automobile

  • Jess Rouillier
    Jess Rouillier 2 日 前

    nsx r ftw

  • Dita Tabialublu
    Dita Tabialublu 2 日 前

    I love Porsche

  • Tito lover
    Tito lover 2 日 前


  • Shadow WSK
    Shadow WSK 2 日 前

    Supra A90 vs A80?

  • Shadow WSK
    Shadow WSK 2 日 前

    The new nsx just had too much assists. It got Electronic assisted LSD, tourqe vectoring, 4WS, active suspension, can this thing be anymore unpredictable

  • T8PolestarCyan
    T8PolestarCyan 2 日 前

    Unfortunately it seems that the new NSX's torque vectoring control spoiled real drivers' capabilities.

  • よっしー
    よっしー 2 日 前


  • sanjoriot
    sanjoriot 2 日 前

    Saw the new one in white in person. Man they look good

  • Dak Ajam
    Dak Ajam 2 日 前

    Pause at 13:01 and u can take ur time what ever u want..

  • サトウヨシミ
    サトウヨシミ 2 日 前


  • Fata Gyges
    Fata Gyges 2 日 前

    Thank you for subtitles :D

  • サトウヨシミ
    サトウヨシミ 2 日 前

    hot version-vol.11…今さら見ました笑笑、アンダーステアは進入時の荷重移動、後は土屋さんがよく言っている フロント上げリア下げ、後はダンパー、峠では下りは後に重心がいくようにFup、逆に…上りは要らないかなパワーあるから、ノーマルは平地はFに荷重移すようにブレーキかけて、車はそれぞれ違うから各々試してです

  • 무카김
    무카김 3 日 前


  • daniperez
    daniperez 3 日 前

    Do new vs old Supra

  • Mike H
    Mike H 3 日 前

    Where's the sound? come on Honda it was a trademark of the original NSX - Like most sequels falls short of the original (Fantastic display of skilled driving guys, much Kudos)

  • X X
    X X 3 日 前


  • AlexanderPews
    AlexanderPews 3 日 前

    I love how the Japanese talk and present everything.. NSX'UUU HAYAIA ARIMAS!!

  • Renaldi Saputra
    Renaldi Saputra 3 日 前

    the poor cornering might have been bcos the new NSX is AWD, where the old one was RWD.

  • samghost13
    samghost13 3 日 前

    That American NSX suck's!!!

  • Ping Wong
    Ping Wong 3 日 前

    Can't wait for a true Japanese super car soon!

  • Dnshift & Other things!

    すごい クボサン!

  • Yuhjer Tsai
    Yuhjer Tsai 3 日 前


  • 666 nadeko
    666 nadeko 3 日 前


  • Katarina School
    Katarina School 3 日 前

    fujiwara takumi belike : heavy breathing

  • すま2
    すま2 3 日 前


  • Emilthehun
    Emilthehun 3 日 前

    Great way to showcase how power is not everything in a car. And what a driver the old nsx is!

  • wailingmongi
    wailingmongi 3 日 前

    In the next life i hope to born in Japan in the same years mr. Tsuchiya did just to enjoy the best cars ever maked.

  • Adi ws
    Adi ws 3 日 前

    my conclution new NSX is cyborg.

  • Gturbos
    Gturbos 3 日 前


  • King Kong
    King Kong 3 日 前

    Original is best, of course! Of course!!!!

  • MS_ B
    MS_ B 3 日 前

    Anyway, I still gonna take new NSX over the old one since I'm a wussy who needs those electronic drive stuff to tackle hard corners at speed then brag about it...

  • akiko horie
    akiko horie 3 日 前


  • Asus rog GeForce GTX

    Honda NSX is my dream

  • John L
    John L 3 日 前

    5:23 tooot it was inside of honda city sedan

  • TheGamer JP
    TheGamer JP 3 日 前


  • Cristobal Arriaga
    Cristobal Arriaga 3 日 前

    I can’t believe a nearly 20 year old vehicle is keeping up with its brand new high tech counterpart. The old NSX is a remarkable machine

  • Tesla Roadster
    Tesla Roadster 3 日 前

    You have to learn how the computers behave with the car and sort of "follow"/work with them to get the best out of it. I feel if they gotten used to the new NSX, a 25.8 would be possible

  • Tesla Roadster
    Tesla Roadster 3 日 前

    They've never experienced torque vectoring before?

  • Mad Rooky
    Mad Rooky 3 日 前

    Nothing can compete with these japanese GTs from around the millenium. NSX, Supra, RX7 and Skyline are in its very own league. They share a spirit, even they are different in many ways, and i love it.

  • Xmvw2X
    Xmvw2X 3 日 前

    The steering approach seems to be what Honda aims for. I've never driven the NSX (would like to), but I have a Ridgeline with the SH-AWD system (although they don't name it that unless you have an Acura badge). Honda seems to use a mix of ABS control and the electronic rear diff to manage a LOT of the handling balance and does so with significant direction of application tied to steering angle. You can steer hard into a corner, and the system will do a LOT of work to get the vehicle to turn, more so than most other brands. It works even without available grip (winter snow and ice), and will do a heavy mix of controls to slow and turn the vehicle. Inversely, many other systems just do almost nothing and often just see slip and trigger ABS braking limitations as the only solution they have. The Honda system doesn't try to just cut braking. It tries to drive the vehicle around the virtual corner the steering angle indicates, and it will do everything in its power to attempt to do so. The rear diff is a faster system than basic braking ABS and makes it function more intuitively (quickly) than most brake based torque vectoring systems and is more proactive through on/off throttle mix applications. Honda just seems to do both together, and it functions remarkably well. For example, the Ridgeline is a rather front heavy truck with a significant amount of understeer push. You have none of this with the systems on, and the truck will almost always just slightly understeer. You can turn in more than the corner arc and then oversteer the vehicle. It's just a LOT of electronic work doing so. the NSX is a more complex form with the added electric motors, but I would guess the base idea and approach is the same. It's likely a vehicle you point with the steering wheel and let the AWD system manage the chassis. It's disconcerting in the sense that the chassis isn't balanced, but the system is creating balance...up to a limit. I find you also need to be smoother and deliberate in action to allow the chassis and system time to perform it's intended action. It works best with slower, smooth inputs rather than hard, fast inputs. You drive something like a Subaru with hard inputs, and that chassis and mechanical systems love it. You drive a Honda smooth and slow, and the electronics do wonders underneath up to the overall grip limits of the total package. I know, Ridgeline very much isn't anything like a NSX, but companies follow common design philosophies and build upon common mechanical systems, and Honda has an AWD philosophy that's unique versus other brands.

  • Hazrul WhiteGluz
    Hazrul WhiteGluz 3 日 前

    Shuto kousoku... I saw Keiichi drive NSX on a track in that movie... He beat the Nissan skyline R33... My 1st love of Honda sport car and one of my favour sport car the old NSX just like in this video... I agree with keiichi about the old NSX when enter the cornering... It has a more excellent handling then the New NSX...

  • Artyomdis
    Artyomdis 3 日 前

    Still WOW in 2020 from NSX-R

  • Thabang Ntladi
    Thabang Ntladi 3 日 前

    I just wanna say these videos are too awesome!

  • Александр Размотаев

    Почему на NSX хомуты как на гранте? XD

  • Black Apolo
    Black Apolo 4 日 前

    Personnellement je l'ancienne NSX et plus abouti et belle que la nouvelle , best auto

  • Leo Sam
    Leo Sam 4 日 前

    the NSX-R looks newer than the new NSX lol i was confused

  • u g
    u g 4 日 前


  • ストマック胃腸液


  • たかたまーくんあ


  • Jackson.
    Jackson. 4 日 前

    Two cars that are doing exactly what they were built to do perfectly.

  • Werli
    Werli 4 日 前

    that leopard chick came out of nowhere lmaooo

  • BBB T
    BBB T 4 日 前

    215 in the front is crazy small

  • MrAyrton1988
    MrAyrton1988 4 日 前

    The white one is the REAL NSX!!

  • Ruslan Hennadievich

    2:00 - 3:20 what the music is playing? Please!!!! Tell me!!

    • tm3xxx
      tm3xxx 4 日 前

      Set Me Free Again

  • silverxkube
    silverxkube 4 日 前

    Gawdam that NSX-R was gripping under immense acceleration. Love it. Go Japanese NSX-R!

  • Moto
    Moto 4 日 前

    MT is needed for this kind of battle. I'm proud of myself knowing how to drive a MT.

    D RAMIREZ 4 日 前

    🤯🤯🤯..daaamnn, nsx-R at its finest!